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  • clawsmeister clawsmeister Feb 12, 2013 8:24 AM Flag

    LOL at the perverted degenerate!

    love/hate/zeke/guy, the board's mentally-ill perverted degenerate really can't sleep, I have really screwed up his head.

    A childish post at 11:5 PM when he gets home from mopping floors, cleaning latrines and hauling out the garbage. Up at 2:52 AM to post a typical Beavis/Butthead laughable attempt at an insult (ooh, love/hate said a dirty word! I'm shocked!) Back up at 7 AM for more childish filth.

    No normal man would type out that filth. Once again, Mr $8 MSO let's us all have a peek into his cesspool of a mind.

    Once again we get love/hate/zeke/guy's daily affirmation that he is a childish perverted creep. But the crowning comic touch is the "strong buy" rating he attaches to his adolescent garbage

    MSO a "strong buy." LMAO. But I guess if you liked the stock at $19 and $8, you have to love it at $2.92.

    The trial is just a week away. Then it's under $2 for this "$10 stock in disguise."

    Sentiment: Strong Sell