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  • smearjob smearjob Mar 8, 2013 8:29 AM Flag

    Macys has been selling Martha products since 2007.

    Yet MSO is not allowed to make any money under this situation. So, my defense stance for MSO, is that Macys basically "owns and operates" the MSO enterprise product sales, and does not allow MSO to make a
    reasonable return on its assets. Stewart signed a contract with Penneys to benefit the REAL shareholders of
    of MSO, so the company can untether itself from Macys totalitarian dominance of the company. Macys,
    under the veil of the contract, violates all the principles of FREE ENTERPRISE.

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    • Your stupidity is amusing.

      MSO gets roylties from the sale of goods at M and these represent high margin revenue. This represents the highest return on assets of any MSO business segment

      Martha did a deal with JCP and took $4 million of what JCP invested in MSO as a dividend to line her pockets.

      Macy's spends a disproportionate share of its ad budget promoting Martha Stewart products and rehabilitated her brand after she served time for lying in connection with an illegal insider trade.

      Martha signed an exclusive contract with Macy's, but as the FBI learned, you can't trust Martha's word.

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