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  • lovemakingmoney lovemakingmoney Mar 8, 2013 3:10 PM Flag

    Who cares whatever Sandy has to say

    As much as the GOP listens to Obummer....

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    • Well, well, well, look what crawled out from under it's rock, the board's mentally challenged, sexual-identity confused Yahoo-certified slimeball perverted degenerate!

      So what brings you out from under your rock creep?

      Here to give us a tally of how many of your "disguise" ID disgusting perverted posts Yahoo has had to delete?

      Here to tell us MSO is a $10 stock in disguise?

      Here to tell us MSO is heading to $6 and I can't do anything about it?

      Here to congrartulate me on my NCT doubling? Or my ATRS (nee AIS) nearly doubling?

      I am making a ton of money off Ron Johnson's puppetmaster Bill Ackman's stupidity. Ackman is in your class pervert,

      I booked a nice profit with M calls this week. I am sitting on a huge profit on JCP puts, but I'm holding. James Dinan's York Capital Management is shorting JCP bonds. Carl Icahn is orchestrating a sqeeze of Ackman's HLF short position. I have a large long position in HLF. Ackman is going to have to raise funds. If he covers HLF, I win. If he dumps JCP shares, I win.

      Ron Johnson has killed JCP, so when JCP goes BK, they can get out of the MSO deal and will have to dump their MSO shares.

      When you were last here you were touting Mitt Romney. In your pathetic life have you ever gotten anything right? Who the GOP hasn't listened to is the American electorate.

      Now crawl back under your rock you slimy piece of garbage. Mr.$8 MSO. ROTFLMAO

      Sentiment: Strong Sell