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  • alexsmith890 Mar 9, 2013 6:16 PM Flag

    Mediation...great news for MSO & JCP

    I'm putting money down on MSO here.
    With the judge ordering mediation, it basically dispells Macy's case as lacking enough merit to garner a decision. Hence, sending it out to mediation.
    MSO is in the driver's seat now.
    If they fail to come to any mutually acceptable agreement in mediation, then M is back to square 1.
    Which means Fail.
    Lookin good mon!

    Sentiment: Buy

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    • Are you kidding? Go to the Summary page and read the Times article..

      The decision to order mediation is to give MSO and JCP a chance to get out with some dignity. When the judge granted the temporary injunction, that sealed Macy's position. Have you read what a fool Ron Johnson made of himself on the stand and with his sophomoric e-mails? .In Ron Johnson's own words on the stand, Macy's has a solid exclusive contract which had to be broken or amended. Neither haappened. Greedy Martha agreed to extend it because Macy's is her best customer.

      Dig into tye facts before you come on a board and sound like a totally uniformed newbie

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      • alexsmith890 Mar 9, 2013 6:48 PM Flag

        No judge orders mediation to "let them get out with some dignitiy", this is not family court.
        If the judge ascertains that there is not enough compelling evidence, before he throws the entire case out, mediation is used.
        M is on offense, MSO on defense, O (offense) has to prove there case (beyond a reasonable doubt), and they cannot.
        They lose.
        Furthermore, once this reality fully sets in, the positive press and hype for JCP and MSO, the new line of MSO products at JC Penney, will generate A LOT of consumer interest. Sales will go bonkers.
        Watch and learn dufus.

        Sentiment: Buy