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  • guy.fierri guy.fierri Mar 12, 2013 12:23 AM Flag

    MSO up 4% to $2.73.....

    Trannnnnnnnnnnnyyyyyyy Hoooooooooooooo!!!!! :D

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • It was very brave of you to use your discredited and laughed at "lovemakingmoney" ID and shows you are making some psychological progress.

      Long term posters and observers of this board understand that your psychopathic attacks of me are rooted in your losing a lot of money on MSO while ignoring my advice and watching me pile up gains wit puts.
      But here’s the Psych 101 lesson for you today. Your most vicious and angry posts are directed at someone you identify as “The Tran?” Who is “The Tran?”

      Obviously you act like you are aiming these posts at me, but I have never discussed anything on this board but my opinions on MSO and my schadenfreude over the results of your pathetic attempts at investing, your messed-up head and your general inferiority to me on every level.

      But again, who is “The Tran?” Of course you like to hide behind IDs, and people like to use IDs that they believe reflect who they are. You favorite “disguise” ID is of a bumbling effete chef who looks like a freak with his dyed pointy hair. You have had an obsession with Chastity/Chaz Bono, going so far as to call yourself “Chazz.Bono” for a period of time. Of course, from a psychological point of view your “linda.zealand” ID is the most interesting.

      The Psych 101 lesson is that it is obvious that at a subconscious level, you view yourself as “The Tran” and your vile posts are a way of you releasing your self-loathing and self-hatred. That’s why I think your “linda.zealand” ID is the most interesting. That ID is modeled on a verbally abusive, castrating female, most likely your mother, and through this ID you can express yourself-directed rage over your stupidity in throwing money away on MSO.

      I thought I would shares these insights into your psychological issues, because I think you are entering a difficult period. Even you know that Ron Johnson had totally messed up JCP and BK is inevitable. If the court rules in Macy’s favor, the minimum payment of $20 million a year that JCP will owe MSO will far e

      Sentiment: Strong Sell