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  • guy.fierri guy.fierri Mar 17, 2013 12:52 AM Flag

    Sandra, home now. Get off the comp. betch

    Your man is tired, get to work.

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    • LOL, like clockwork, the girlie-man gets home from cleaning floors and toilets and decides an ID in homage to a pointy haired freak chef is the perfect one to use to parrot (for probably at least the hundredth time) a line that mso_shorter aimed at him (or is it her) and gave us all a good laugh. The line was funny when it was aimed at you girlie-man. Coming out of your mouth it is just a sexually-confused effeminate nerd yelling "you too!" Of course we all know mso_shorter was making a joke. There isn't anyone with a stomach strong enough or a sense of smell weak enough who would want to do you.

      Look, little girlie-man, you have to get some new material. Just recycling insults that fit you, or whining about FB ad infinitum are getting BORRRRRRRING!

      So do you still think that MSO is a "$10 stock" in disguise?

      Is MSO" heading for $6" and there's nothing I can do about it.

      Now those were funny posts. Give us a real laugh, try to do a serious post about MSO. I can't wait to hear why after five years in the hole, you still think it's a "strong buy."

      This August will be a big deal for you. That's when you get your "MSO Bag Holder" five-year pin.

      April 8th little girlie-man. Tht's when we go back to court!

      Sentiment: Strong Sell