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  • ron.paul65 ron.paul65 Mar 22, 2013 11:11 PM Flag

    Clawsmeister = Failure

    Sandy's Psychological Profile:
    A) On this board all weekend, and 24/7 ineptly defending manhood or intelligence or losing investments.
    B) Has 2,900+ posts under his "main" alias "Sandy", and under at least 3 of his other board ID's (see alias list).
    C) Physically unattractive, likely obese.
    D) Ridiculed in youth, ostracized.
    E) Has a mommy-complex, both sexually attracted to and also angry with and dependent still on mother
    F) Cannot establish or maintain a meaningful relationship with a woman.
    G) Addictive personality, likely to gambling, alcohol, prostitution.
    HI) Sexually impotent, inferiority complex, envious of athletic men.
    I) A social outcast, a malignant social deviant, possibly a pedo-phile.
    J) An unscrupulous liar, derived from own self-loathing and loser/failure-syndrome.
    K) Suffers from paranoia and delusions, conveniently tries to convince himself that anybody who dislikes Sandy, must all be the same person.
    L) Cross-dresses and fantasizes about becoming a female.
    M) Possibly handicapped

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    • The Claw-sheister is all-of-the-above IMO.
      He's a bitter old loser, with a distorted business-sense and the financial acumen of a 13-year old girl.
      I crack up at all of his failed investments, LOL!!

      Sentiment: Hold

    • LOL!!
      Well, I've seen this MO on the old-fool before, but it's hilarious because - it's spot-on!
      "A" through "K" are probably the truth, "L" and "M" though, I doubt.


      Sentiment: Strong Sell

    • LOL, lovelosingmoney uses a "disguise" ID in homagee to his political stupidity, cuts and pastes insults that have been directed at him, and thinks he has accomplished something. All yu have accomplished this week, you slimy perverted degenerarte piece of slime, is set a record for filthy childish posts deleted by Yahoo. Did they e-mail you a warning dirtbag?

      So is MSO still a $10 stock in disguise moron?