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  • cranberryboy19 cranberryboy19 Mar 28, 2013 11:05 AM Flag

    ready to buy more when it goes to 2.30's

    seems like the shorts have this stock in a knot right now

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    • I love when one of you totally rank amateurs comes on and shows your ignorance. When a stock you have arbitrarily chosen to "like" goes down, it can't possibly be because you don't know squat, it has to be a "conspiracy - either " the shorts” or "the specialist."

      Let’s look at your inane statement “seems like the shorts have this stock in a knot right now.” How exactly are they doing that? Short interest is only 3.9% of the float and over the last month, short interest increased about 40,000 shares, or about 25% of an average day’s volume.

      Reality is that the smart money is getting out. During the last quarter, institutions sold over 1.3 million shares, reducing institutional holding by over 8%.

      Since January1, some insiders have increased their holdings a little. Why not, they paid zero for the shares. Lisa Gersh dumped nearly 185,000 shares and two other insiders dumped a total of 31,000 shares at $2.48 a share.

      So at least you’ve cut your average below the $4 you paid for your original shares (per your own post). I love to see a moron try to catch a falling knife!