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  • guy.fierri guy.fierri Apr 1, 2013 11:35 PM Flag

    Sandy, question for you!

    Sandy, your investment skills and business acumen have garnered you which of the following nickname(s)?

    a) The Ho
    b) The Tran
    c) Panty
    d) Worst Investor of the Year 2010, 2011, 2012!
    e) Imbecile
    f) Idiot
    g) Dumb sh*it
    h) "Chaz"
    i) Buffoon
    j) The Coward
    k) The Loser
    l) Ron Artest's Boy
    m) The Fool
    n) Cardboard Box Expert Witness
    o) The "Pedo"
    p) Cross-dressin' Sandy
    q) Sandy "KY" Jelly
    r) Trailer Park Stalker
    s) The Boy
    t) The Perverted Old Man
    u) Angry Tran
    v) The "Heavily Shorted with a Fat Call" Dumbo
    w) The Interstate from Underneath Hobo
    x) Maurice Wolen
    y) 'Da 40-cent Ho
    z) The Yappy Chihauaha
    aa) The Taco Bell drive-thru BJ Boy
    ab) The Mark
    ac) The Patsy
    ad) The Stooge
    ae) The "I bought Facebook at $38!!" Fool
    af) The DoucheBag Sandra
    ag) Chaz.Bono's Boehner
    ah) Ron.Artest's.Foreskin licker
    ai) Harry.Twatter
    aj) Pillow.Biter
    ak) BJ.Boy
    al) Chaz's foreskin
    am) Ron Artest's buttboy
    an) Jack Mehoff
    ao) Rider on the Hershey Highway
    ap) Spincter.boy
    aq) BJ Tranny!
    ar) "Welcome to Taco Bell, May I Suck Your Chalupa"
    as) Boy Scout Lover

    There is no wrong answer, any of the above are correct

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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