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  • zealand.linda zealand.linda Apr 3, 2013 10:45 AM Flag

    As JCP goes, so does MSO

    In a clear sign of its dissatisfaction with the direction of the company, the board of J. C. Penney gave its chief executive, Ron Johnson, a pay cut of almost 97 percent, to $1.9 million, for 2012, according to a regulatory filing on Tuesday.

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    • Matters little ms.Zealand.
      Firstly, JCP will come out ahead after this court case with Macys.
      Secondly, as JCP gathers steam in the retail space with Joe Fresh, naturally Martha will bring a synergetic revenue uptick as well.
      Whether Martha comes along far and long for the JCP sky-ride, is a seperate issue IMO.
      JCP, bank on it

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    • As I aid in an earlier post, "linda," in addition to being a miserable hateful sk@nk, you are dumb as dirt!

      Let's start with your title "As JCP goes, so does MSO." Again you demonstrate your overwhelming stupidity and inability to understand the most fundamental financial concepts. The revenue from JCP represents about 11% of MSO's total annual revenue. MSO is GUARANTEED a minmum of $20 million a year for ten years, whether they sell any merchandise at JCP or not. It's also high margin income. Her line will be called MarthaCelebrations and if Macy's prevails will be limited to food, rugs, mirrors and greeting cards, plus whatever else Macy's will allow.

      Although Macy's has made noise about barring any sales of MSO merchandise at JCP, they would like nothing better than to have JCP shelling out $20 million dollars a year for the right to sell merchandise that generates far less than $20 million a year in profits. Remember how Martha screwed K-Mart for years?

      But how could I expect a dumb sk@nk that thinks MSO will burn through $47 miillion in 2013 to understand financial issues that are borderline sophisticated.

      Please continue to post. I enjoy getting a laugh out of your combination of nastiness, sk@nkiness and total lack of understanding of even the most rudimentary financisl issues. You are one dumb betch!

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