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  • clawsmeister clawsmeister Oct 6, 2013 9:39 PM Flag


    I have this picture in my head of love/hate/zeke/guy, linda and raj waiting at the corner for the school bus with their bicycle helmets on. The small school bus arrives and they get on, and all you hear coming from the bus are "am not," "are too," "am not."

    The only this wrong with the picture is that love/hate/zeke/guy, linda and raj are all the same intellectually-impaired and emotionally-stunted "adult" perverted degenerate. The moron who lost everything on Mar 2007 $20 out-of-the-money calls and is about to see his 5-year dead money $8 MSO position drop to under $2 a share.

    I am curious love/hate/zeke, who are all your nonsense posts aimed at? Who are you trying to get to believe your lies? I know the truth about the money you've lost and the money I've made, and so do you. So what exactly are you trying to accomplish on tis board?

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    • hahaha!!

      'Nuff said:

      ""J) An unscrupulous liar, derived from own self-loathing and loser/failure-syndrome."

      Sandy's aliases (partial list):
      1) mso_shorter 2) jonathan.loewer 3) ex_medguy1 4) tedisdead101 5) jprnorgan_not 6) paulfall54 7) mikecartl 8) sandyrulesthenerds 9) sandyclaws_99 10) stockmench 11) nealhugh1 12) sernserus 13) karonassaf 14) kalkid420 15) genescam 16) usanascam 17) clawsmeister 18) cranberryboy19 19) raggwead 20) whbuncensored 21) laertes34 22) hoopsmckay 23) detbuyer

      Sandy's Psychological Profile:
      A) On this board all weekend, and 24/7 ineptly defending manhood or intelligence or losing investments.
      B) Has 5,000+ posts under his "main" alias "Sandy", and under at least 2 of his other board ID's (see alias list above).
      C) Physically unattractive, likely obese.
      D) Ridiculed in youth, ostracized.
      E) Has a mommy-complex, both sexually attracted to and also angry with and dependent still on mother
      F) Cannot establish or maintain a meaningful relationship with a woman.
      G) Addictive personality, likely to gambling, alcohol, prostitution.
      HI) Sexually impotent, inferiority complex, envious of athletic men.
      I) A social outcast, a malignant social deviant, possibly a pedo-phile.
      J) An unscrupulous liar, derived from own self-loathing and loser/failure-syndrome.
      K) Suffers from paranoia and delusions, conveniently tries to convince himself that anybody who dislikes Sandy, must all be the same person.
      L) Cross-dresses and fantasizes about becoming a female"

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    • cuckoo cuckoo cuckoo!!
      'nuff said :

      "I just got back into ENTR...I bought a bunch of Aug $6 calls. My break even is $7.05."
      [ENTR ended up at $4, a 100% out-of-the-money fiasco]

      "AIS reports Monday, and I expect a bit of a pop."
      [AIS fell 5% on Monday and 10% in the following 2 weeks, more bloodbath in the Chaz household]

      "I scored FB shares!!"
      [FB at $38, LOL, fell straight to $19]

      "MSO has an enterprise value of 40 cents"
      [Within 2 weeks MSO erupted to $4.50, doh!!! :D]

      "I am long on CROX and see it at $25 in a year."
      [1 year later, CROX is at $16]

      "CSTR has an upside of $87 to $105"
      [CSTR is at $50]

      "MSO is a $2 stock"
      [2 years ago, during which time MSO was a $3 to $4 stock, more 100% out-of-the-money losses for The Tran

      "MSO will be $1 in 2013."
      [$2.31 says Wall Street

      Sentiment: Sell