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  • fiddlers1 fiddlers1 Mar 6, 2009 6:13 PM Flag

    Just in case anyone noticed....

    Stock price just hit a new 52 wk low. Super strong balance sheet and cash flow. It's a little scary that over 10% of the stock is held short, but if a miracle happens and the market turns then short covering will accelerate the rise in price.

    Like it or not, the main reason that this company is in business is to make money for the shareholders. I doubt that one or two disgruntled employees will change the final outcome. Just my opinion.

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    • I think you idiots need to wake up and smell the coffee. It is very easy to blame corporate america for the mass popluation's failures. How many of you own a foriegn car, shop at Walmart, have multiple TV's, 3 or more vehicles, it is the greed and ignorance of the american people that is causing this. It used to be that everyone wanted quality products, now everyone just wants everything and they want it as cheap as possible. Are you one of them??????

    • It won't take them long at all. Molex has really learned to accelerate its "destroy great business models through acquisition and arrogance" program. And what about those successful entrepreneurs that sold to Molex? They go between crying and laughing on alternate days.

    • Ok guys, so as far as investment returns go amphenol has been a lot better and tyco a lot worse over the periods of time selected. And the execs at molex have probably taken more money than they should have during their tenure (welcome to corporate america, they ALL do it).

      I've worked for Martin and Liam and they are sensible guys. Don't think they would intentionally jeopardize the organization for their own gain. There are a lot of middle managers in between who may be less than competent, but it's like that in any company.

      I think that the verbal beatings here may be more than is justified for these guys, it's a tough time to be in manufacturing in the United States right now. Maybe give them a chance to get things straightened out? Just my thoughts....

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      • oh and fiddlers1, tyco has not done a lot worst then molex, molex is down 51% and tyco is down 54%. are you a molex apologist?

      • I know Martin and Liam as well, and yes they do seem to be sensible. The real problem is in the plants. Basically Martin and Liam are nothing but advisors to the real heart of the company, the manufacturing floor.

        "Numbers are down, scrap is up fix it!" they say. Ok we need better, faster processes. "Sorry that would cost more money, no can do", they respond.

        How much money did it cost them in lost revenue because they did not have the capacity? How much money did it cost in lost sales because of poor quality? Would it have offset buying better manufacturing processes? They have no numbers to show them. They haven't the experience to know.

        Example: Back during the electronics boom Molex entered into an agreement with another electonics firm as a second source for a high end connector the other firm had developed. The other firm tooled up with top of the line automated equipment from some of the world's best automation companies. Molex decided to save money on the initial tooling investment by using their own in-house automation group and ended up being severely capacity constrained (lost $$$) during the life of that product. Sadly they didn't really save that much money on the capital investment either.

        Another major issue:
        Standard operating procedure dictates working to a "plan". Examples:
        1.Reduce scrap by "x" amount.
        2.Reduce new product "time to market" lead time
        3.Reduce production cost on a particular product line.

        Molex calls these "plans" when in actuality these are "goals" and not a plan in themselves. Goals are statments, plans are actions. Molex management sees the goal as a plan, therefore never develops the action to achieve the goal.

        I hate to say this but "the devil is in the details" and that is where Molex fails today.

      • Both of those guys are lackeys for the K3 (John, Pete, Fred).

        They may or may not be sensible guys, but the company needs good, smart, managers that know how to run a company--not a couple of lap dogs. Personally, I think they are incompetent. The only thing that keeps them going is the old-boys network that is so firmly established in that company.

        One or both of those sets of groups needs to go. The company to survive and succeed has to be cut from the shackles of the K3 or their lackeys.

    • here you go..

      remember Tyco is still recovering from the Kozlowski mess...

    • fiddlers1, take a look at the 10-year chart on this piece of crap company. Now, tell me again how the main reason this company is in business is to make money for the shareholders. This firm exists to provide lush salaries and generous stock options to a select group of well-placed individuals. As for the shorts, they've been on the mark regarding this POS company for a long time.