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  • eagledragon1 eagledragon1 Apr 9, 2013 10:19 PM Flag

    This is what is happening here

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    • Update: To date I have documented 3 instances of obvious manipulation. I have and still am setting a daily trap. I have the trading desk with my brokerage running a transcript of daily transactions that I review every few days. The lawyers I work with have recommended this course for now. Accumulate info. With enough, you can beat on the SEC's door instead of tapping.

      In short, we have one of these "dark pool" entities working the space between the shown bid and ask spreads. You won't see their bids or asks. They are running through EdgeEx which is one of the platforms they discuss in the above posted article. You may notice that quite a few larger trades get masked immediately by smaller trades (they are exposed in the transcripts). They are cutting out retail investors on both ends of the spread, cutting in front of open bids logged during pre-market. Usually a lot of this wouldn't be all that apparent, but it sticks out like a sore thumb in a very thinly traded stock. They would not do this unless they saw significant opportunity in future reward.

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      • I just did a test and sold 150 shares which filled at $4.86. This was several hours ago. Both yahoo and google show the last trade at $4.83 up 6 cents on 156 shares. I think this means the future reward is approaching. I expect, due to the change in tone in the news in the last few days, toward irradiation, we are getting close to an announcement or event which will cause the stock to pop. I base this on the news items which raise the specter of terrorism, which was the reason Congress, in 2001, changed the definition of pasteurization to include any process that causes a log 5 reduction. A tentative rule also allowed replacement of irradiation with pasteurization, on food labels, which can be done by petition.

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      • great dd/info eagle / thanks .. but don't you think there could be risk to involve SEC here? meaning I don't want to see this stock halted or delisted if such activity ? afterall money talks bs walks .. who says the or such sec worker may not get palms greased as well...? I've been through this bs a couple times unfortunately with bad results and NO closure .. maybe that's what mgt + FA are aiming for? I have ay too much at stake here .. and before mgt opens their fat mouths in regards to stock performance over past years may I NOTE the reverse split ... so where does this stand? flatlined since the split ..