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  • insect_insight insect_insight Oct 10, 2012 11:24 AM Flag

    9.00 is the absolute line in the sand BOTTOM for P!!!


    Well, dumdum, you are being selective in your reposts of my smarter evaluations of this great P stock.

    I always stated that the slimy funds might contrive a phony unsustainable dip in order to scare nervous old grandmas and wimpy no-balls amateurs, and the dip toward 9.00 represents that scam drop.

    It will soon be over once enough amateurs have been duped into buying shorts in the stock and in the PUT option.

    P understands better than most that purveying mind junk music to young dudes is a sure formula for financial success. The playlist at Pandora represents some of the worst illiterate music in the world but the young brain dead dudes think it's cool and so they will continue to gravitate to Pandora like the lemmings and trend followers that they have always been.

    Middle aged guys like me understand this mass phenomenon and that's how we make tons of $$$$ selling this kind of mind junk to the young dudes, all of whom delude themselves into thinking their music is a "rebellion" against the older generations when in reality, we are the ones making all the $$$$ profits off of the forever bad taste of the young dudes.


    As I stated before, my other favorite radio station for purveying mind junk is the popular KCRW in Los Angeles...that is to say, "popular," amongst the brain dead young dude crowd, and it's a shame it is not a public company. I'd be buying every share I could and leveraging to the max to own those shares, as it is truly a pure play on mind junk music, deemed to be "cool" by the airhead dudes and dudettes of the world. Just remember one thing: they will always gravitate to music that upsets their elders, and that usually means something as far away from real music as you can without any form of with incredibly stupid to drop ecstasy drugs, since most of the young dude crowd is high at any given moment....etc., etc.

    When Pandora stock soon soars to 30 in a heartbeat, once again, the older smarter market vets like me will be laughing, making big time $$$$$ in sure bets of how young dudes without a speck of good taste vote with their dollars, and you can be safe in knowing they always vote in favor of mind junk, to the exclusion of any actual music quality.

    Pandora understands this genius biz model, and that is why smarter market vets and pros place major $$$$ into the great stock

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