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  • insect_insight insect_insight Oct 9, 2012 5:40 PM Flag

    9.00 is the absolute line in the sand BOTTOM for P!!!


    The slimy funds might try to dip the great P downward for an intra day dive toward 9.00....but they would do so only for purposes of suckering more shorts into betting against this incredible internet radio station, that has the genius to understand that, in the end, selling junk music to young dudes is going to be a windfall profit generator.

    One of my buddies, a bald middle aged dry cleaner, was telling me the other day that he couldn't suffer one minute of the music played on Pandora. He said his son liked it but believes that his son's years of heavy drug usage fried his brains so badly such that he would enjoy listening to the sound of a grinding cement truck for an hour.

    I smartly informed my buddy that it is not about what he likes, it's about what young dudes without a single speck of taste enjoy, and that catering to their needs is the only way you can make big $$$ in the world.

    The other day, I met a young 19 year old girl who told me she thought The Beatles had absolutely no talent of any kind...that their success existed on nothing buy hype..... and she much preferred listening to Trent Reznor and Nine Inch Nails, who in her mind are vastly superior talents. Of course, I almost choked on my own spit at her amazing ignorance, but rather than dispute her, I simply stated that she could probably find what she likes best on Pandora -- in other words, I had the smarts to know that promoting "good taste" was not nearly as smart as promoting Pandora...and in getting dumb bunnies like her to check out Pandora, that was the surefire way in the long run to fill my pockets with $$$, a smart strategy on my part that made far more good sense than any need I might have felt to defend my own ego or superior good taste in all matters musical.

    Again, therein lies the genius of Pandora.....I would think many of the execs there know that the sad excuse for "music" that they purvey to the young dumb masses is beyond awful....but they know that placing junk music ahead of good taste should pay off in the end. After all, just look at junk TV, aka Reality TV, and how that mindless garbage brings in the big $$$$ to the shrewd networks.

    Junk music will payoff in the end for Pandora.....just stay patient!!!

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