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  • qaqawsws1234 qaqawsws1234 Nov 16, 2012 10:26 PM Flag

    PANDORA headed UP

    You know how it goes: Weak hands scatter on scaaaaarrrrry rumor then news of big, bad Apple's plan to stream music---as if everything Apple does is successful and preferable to the public. Oy vey. Fact is, volatile stocks like P often do the unexpected, for good and silly reasons alternately. When you see so much loss in a short amount of time, based on a potential, yet unproven threat, you can also expect rapid recovery when you least expect it. The faint of heart rarely ever capitalize in these situations.

    Pandora has an established presence that is not as tenuous as bashers and shorts would like you to believe. That massive base can be monetized in various ways.

    Ironically, as I was writing this, a Honda Accord commerical played on TV---touting various perks---including having Pandora radio included.

    I own Pandora stock. I regret not being in a position right now to buy a lot more.

    Sentiment: Buy

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    • "When you see so much loss in a short amount of time".

      This POS has lost over half it's value since the IPO a year and a half ago. I wouldn't call that a short amount of time. Just look at the chart and tell me what direction the trend is. It shouldn't be hard because there's only been one direction this stock has trended, and it's DOWN.

      And if you know anything, and watch carefully, those TV ads touting Pandora say "integration". They do not say that Pandora radio is "included". Big difference, because without a smartphone and a data plan, you will NOT get Pandora in the car, regardless of how they try to spin it.

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