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  • benben4paws benben4paws Nov 29, 2012 9:41 AM Flag

    Take from Hearing

    Today another co-sponsor was added, can only help. Terrestrial radio is going to have to pay something going forward as this was the general consensus by all in attendance except the radio Broadcasters. It is pretty amazing terrestrial radio has been free all this time, over 100 years. Since 1995, 98, 01, 03 and 07 various legislation has been introduced in this area yet nothing has attempted to charge terrestrial ?? How can this be? Radio has and continues to have some of the most powerful lobbyist in Washington. Think about it, yesterday the radio broadcast representative asked for legislative relief for IP delivery and then stated the terrestrial market should remain a free market, willing buyer, willing seller. He did this all with a straight face and mentioned all the free advertising radio does for the artist. If anyone should now have this argument now it would be P, as P is a great avenue for new Artist to get exposure. One has to wonder why many of the artist are now targeting P and not the radio broadcasters. One of the experts testifying stated if radio broadcasters were to pay what P is paying their total payment this year would be over 4 billion to the artist.

    They must change the license fee cost for cable,satellite, IP and terrestrial now to level the playing field and also allow the artist's a fair share. I would recommend a tiered approach over the 3 to to 10 year period with Terrestrial paying a higher fee for to subsidize the lower rate. Terrestrial has had a free ride for way to long and they should subsidize the lower rate not our government. The committee should have the ability to modify the license fee every 2 years until they get it right. This is all new, uncharted territory. This flexibility will allow Congress to fix this problem rather tan continue the misguided approach of the last 15 years.

    This process is slow and will take time. We may not hear anything more on this for another 3 to 6 months. But this proposed bill will be assigned to a committee for further fact finding and recommendations. This bill will be modified with many, many changes added, i.e. terrestrial having to pay going forward.. The biggest problem going forward is the power and influence the lobbyist will have over this process. This is all done behind closed doors where the donations and sweetheart deals are made. We only get to see the televised portion for the political grandstanding.

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