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  • benben4paws benben4paws Dec 31, 2012 2:02 PM Flag

    Abject Looting Continues at Pandora...

    the auto selling buy the exec's helps the shorts further manipulate this stock. Maybe while Pandora is seeking legislative relief they could propose legislation to prevent exec's from selling shares the 1st two years. This would prevent the fleecing of shareholders. P exec's have no skin in this game, how committed are they to the shareholders ? Interestingly, the CEO, Joe Kennedy is the only exec who hasn't sold a share. Amazing how a publicly traded company will hold investor conference after investor conference to increase shareholders while none of the executives is willing to buy any shares..... RED FLAG !!!! Together the Pandora exec's have sold 70 million plus $$$ WORTH of shares and bought ZERO shares, RED FLAG. This just further illustrate how the not so free markets work. How many times have you seen the exec's of a company making a killing, along with the IPO handlers, initial venture capital. Good company, poor business model and nothing but thieves and con-artist running this company. They only chance of surviving is bribing the politicians with all the money they've pocketed this first year, but these exec's don't seem so inclined. CFO is leaving , watch as others follow and you'll know they've exercised all options available. Only in America is white collar crime legal !!!! Great business model, from the Bernie Madoff, Bernie Ebbers school of convicts..

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