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  • bmbum bmbum Feb 5, 2013 3:29 PM Flag

    I think I just spotted Bigfoot... or was that Apple's streaming music service?

    Really? I've never seen a more desperate bunch of sell side short pundits surrounding any publicly traded company. Its as though they are willing to sell their soul to be considered a market maven even if only for a second.

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    • Same scare tactic that was posted by BTIG resident DB Greenfield in November 2012

      "BTIG pointed to the addition of a "Radio" option in the horizontal bar in iTunes 11, saying that while the current offering of stations "is unappealing to most consumers today, we believe the radio service can easily be updated...."
      BTIG has been saying for months that a music-streaming service it calls "iRadio" is in the works. In a blog post last month, the research firm said that it's possible Apple's offering will trump that of Pandora's."

      This ANALyst has a price target of $3.75 on Pandora. That is wrong by over 200% if I am not mistaken...the guy is a TOOL of the first order. And now today he is joined by an "independent graphic designer and a blog" who are chiming in that something is hidden in the iOS 6.0 and 6.0.1.

      "An independent graphic designer and the Apple blog 9To5Mac found graphical buttons within the Music app on iOS devices after applying a jailbreak to iOS 6.1. The buttons show the image of a radio tower, while their filenames suggest the user would be able to make purchases through the app. The resource files were last updated on January 9, 2013."

      #$%$...are these people serious?

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      • OR it could have gone something like this:

        Cook: Is that iRadio app ready yet?
        Devs: Yes
        Cook: If it is another iMaps you will all be fired. Is it ready?
        Cook: Pull the plug, kill it, and don't bother me again until it is 110% perfect!!
        Devs: But we already have the code in iTunes and iOS 6
        Cook: Then hide it...bury it...handle it!

        1 hour later

        Cook: How much cash do we have?
        CFO: 96 billion
        Cook: What is Pandora's market cap?
        CFO: 2 billion
        Cook: I'll call you later...

        1 minute later (talking to himself)

        Cook 1: Let's see...risk another iMaps or spend 4% of our net cash on a proven business that is #1 on Android, top 3 on Apple, and has the 3rd highest RPMs of any mobile behind FB and GOOG.
        Cook 2: Music Genome Project is a vary valuable proprietary asset and will cockblock AMZN, GOOG, FB and anyone else for a long time.
        Cook 1: Plus we could use our muscle and political influence to push this Internet Fairness thing over the top
        Cook 2: So...$4 billion cash and a sure winner and instant mobile cred and RPMs or roll the dice with another iMaps
        Cook 1: Pandora could also feed iTunes a steady diet of buyers who would click "Buy It Now" while listening to songs they liked on Apple devices while listening to an Apple owned Pandora app...
        Cook 2: I Like it...
        Cook 1. I LOVE it...

        1 minute later

        Cook: Work up a deal to buy Pandora
        CFO: How much?
        Cook: Start at $15...take it to $20 if you need to and give Westergren a juicy piece. We will keep Kennedy on as Vice President in charge of the new iMobile division
        CFO: I'll put something together...

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