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  • shojaan42 shojaan42 Oct 18, 2013 8:05 AM Flag

    Analysts pumping the stock to dump them on bagholders and bail out ahead of Apple news

    Remember last time Goldman Sachs crooks and other analysts were pumping Pandora just ahead of dilution and executive sell off and iTunes Radio launch? Do you really think they didn't know what was coming ahead?

    The very same analysts were busy downgrading Pandora last year when it hit 52-week low. They downgraded to lower the price and buy the stocks. Now that they see Apple's iTunes Radio is already getting larger than Pandora, they are busy pumping it on now news to dump them on bagholder and run away.

    Here are some reason why Analysts are so excited pumping Pandora now:

    1- All executives already sold off big chunks of their shares (and keep doing it) + no insider buying ever!
    2- a 500 ton gorilla just is competing with it now. 11 million users in 5 days, soon to pass Pandora's 72 million users.
    3- Pandora was a sell last year under 8$ and now is a strong buy @ 27$! (just like when they call Gold slam dunk sell and they keep buying it and when they call AMRN a buy and raise price target and then the shares plummet 65% in a day!)

    If you decide to enter their game and listen to their upgrades and buy the shares at a higher price than all the executives sold, go ahead! But remember what could happen to the shares after Apple announces its users anytime between now and Oct 28 :)

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    • being on the long side of P tuesday will be dangerous. I'm shorting more on Monday!

    • dpmwealth Oct 18, 2013 10:29 AM Flag

      Everything is being done to keep the price up. When Apple comes out with numbers, this stock will drop.

    • Mr. Shojann,
      You need to reasess what you are doing. You are trying to short a good tech company during the time of year where people put money to work. Furthermore this company (P) has only a $5B market cap. Apple is no longer gaining market share with smart phones, Samsung is the leader (not as many people to be customers for I Radio as you would like). As I said before...outside of stock message boards I'm not hearing all kinds of fantastic news about I Radio. Be careful when shorting a stock with many other people shorting there's the potential to get reamed.

      Sentiment: Buy

      • 5 Replies to kupi23
      • "Apple is no longer gaining market share with smart phones".

        Really? You might want to check your sources on that statement, as it's just not based in reality:

        "In the US, Apple’s dominance as the top smartphone OEM has not only surpassed the 40 percent mark, but it appears set to keep growing. Samsung is gaining as well, but not as fast as its main competitor.

        Apple gained 1.5 percentage points in terms of smartphone subscribers (from 39.2 percent to 40.7 percent) while Samsung gained 1.3 percentage points (from 23.0 percent to 24.3 percent).

        On the software side, Google is still dominating, but Apple continues to make steady gains. After four months of losses in a row, Android regained share in May, and then went flat in June. Then it lost share in July, and once again it fell in August:

        Samsung’s gains aren’t enough to offset the losses of other Android makers, causing the mobile operating system to lose 0.8 percentage points (from 52.4 percent to 51.6 percent). Apple meanwhile increased its share by 1.5 percentage points (moving from 39.2 percent to 40.7 percent, which again is identical to the figure for its smartphone share)."

        From the 10/4/13 article "comScore: Apple takes 40.7% share as top US smartphone maker, Samsung gains too; Android back to losing share"

        Since P is only a US based service (AUS and NZ don't count), this flies in the face of the fallacious argument you're making.

      • "a good tech company"??? they have no tech

      • Kup you are a fool and will lose big on the pump and dump....P has no value, Apple should be worth $10000 a share based on this valuation....can't wait to see you P longs go down hard

      • So using your math of 11 million users in the first 5 days Apple I Radio is in existence and the entire world population of ~7 billion people will be a subscriber to I Radio in 8.7 years :). I hope you close out your short position soon for your sake. The squeeze on this stock could get messy. I'd hate to see you in the soup lines for Thanksgiving.

      • Mr. Kupi!

        You need to reasess what you are doing too. You are pumping a compay's share who is already a huge bubble itself, whose executives have sold most of their shares, how has a price to sale ratio of over 10, who hasn't generated any profits when it didn't have the competitors it has today, ...!

        People need to come to their senses and understand what it means when Apple grabs 11 million users in just 5 days. Do the math: 11 million in just 5 days after update? Don't you see what is coming? They will soon announce they have passed Pandora leaving it in the dust. How valuable do you think Pandora when they are already lost the competition in a month to Apple?

        Go search twitter the two keywords: itunes radio and pandora. See what people think of them and how many people are leaving Pandora for iTunes. Of course they don't have the capital to compete against Apple!

        How about the Alexa traffic data? 7% drop already? I am talking based on facts, not hypes, not based on what analyst crooks say.

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