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  • rex_1_mn rex_1_mn Aug 7, 2009 10:42 AM Flag

    How long can we sustain this???

    So like any investor in this stock I am thrilled to see the great gabs and nice stepping up of this stock... I am in at an average of 2.38 and am wondering how long we can sustain these gains before the next dip..

    I believe the this stock was severely oversold and people are realizing that this is still a sound company that isnt just going to dissapear.. Are they completely on top of there game no. They only make on thing talk about diversify but hey they are great at making that one thing... Anyway just seeing what people think I am hoping to get out between 6$ and 12$ then wait for the next dip that WILL come in the next year and rebuy???

    Am I crazy?

    What do you Think???

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    • Never see 6$ you say...hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    • Be careful with this stinker - have hired a number of technical people from Hutch and the word is that the company is hanging on by a thread - companies like Seagate are helping prop this duck up but it won't last long. $6.00? - don't know if it will make it that far.

      Medical division - despite rumours - is down and out. Suspension division - practically non-existent. Moral - there is none. Good luck - be cautious here.

    • I am thinking 6 maybe too low when you consider the recovery of others in this HDD market since the crash in the fall. WDC has recovered and STX is close....why not a supplier like Htch? HTCH was trading at 16 last fall.

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      • I am expecting another down turn though... I know that the markets generally recover before the economy but I think there is too much too fast going on and in about 3 months we are going to realize as a market that things arent perfect yet as we are portraying then the fall and profit taking will take place..But it wont bring us down near as far as our previous lows......

        I Dont know...

        Then again does anyone!

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