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  • white_merganser white_merganser May 1, 2013 9:47 PM Flag

    Conspiracy Theory

    HTCH is a very manipulated stock. I think we are being played by positive comments about the stock so those that visit the board buy more while selling takes place. Will go up when those who sold at higher prices buy at lower prices. Can there be key phrases shorts use to manipulate the price? Volume is so low daily that by having 25k - 100k in stock price fluctuationmay be faesibile? Excuse my ignorance and overthinking.

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    • 10 of the twelve stocks I follow in the biopharma market (obviously HTCH is not biopharma) went down dramatically yesterday for no reason. In fact only 1 lame stock and one sleeper stock went up. I've learned to watch the overall market for days when most "good stocks get hit. It calms my nerves to know we are just seeing a general pullback.

      This stock is a strong stock that did one moral thing, imho, they might not otherwise do. They allowed Americans to over-produce for a while -- not only to avoid any transition shortage due to slow ramps in Thailand -- but to give Americans a bit longer to work before shutting down their plants here. They'd never say it, because humanity is not tolerated very often in this rat race we call the market. The reality is that the move is decreasing debt, increasing efficiencies, increasing earnings and the final "traction" (as the HTCH officers call it) will be revenue surpluses starting in Q4.

      The dual stage actuator business gave HTCH the opportunity to be the best and lowest cost again. The increase in density per head is now the standard by which analysts will judge revenue -- not just shipments in and of themselves. The reduction to 2 other competitors over the last 2 years, while not giving a price advantage (as this company wants to be the lowest cost highest density company for its suppliers) will result in volume (revenue) increases. The cloud business is far bigger than you can imagine. The cloud is hard-drive not solid-state. The"cloud farms" are akin to "wind farms" -- only the hard drives turn at 15,000 rpm and read, store and share data -- instead of 2-3 windmill RPM that converts, stores and shares energy. Imagine if technology could keep increasing windmill density per square foot of land and thereby increase energy production, likewise, imagine if you could keep increasing hard drive-density through components like HTCH makes, and thereby increase read/storage/share/speed per sq. foot of cloud space.

    • you're overthinking. Stocks go up and stocks go down. i see no evidence of "manipulation" here.

      Stop trying to think about thinks you can't understand (for lack of information), or otherwise have no way of knowing.

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      • Thank you LTF and mtaotter. I have been watching this stock for a long time and heavily vested, to my standards, as a long. I have tried the short approach but lost may butt too many times. I see people at times use words at times and have thought there was a connection. Last night my frustration was voiced when it shouldn't have. Okay, HTCH is not the only stock in the world and at times I may be out there. By no way do I hold this conspiracy theory as strong as if people actually landed on the moon or not (this I question at times). However, do not question if Flight 911 was a cover up due to cell phone coverage. Regrettably I am out there, but not that far out there.

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