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  • vetinvest vetinvest Apr 24, 1998 10:24 PM Flag

    Why shorting is wrong

    Perhaps your not aware that htch is providing the suspensions for the 6 leading companies, tsa demand is exploding, and only yesterday Dain Rausher Wessels issued a buy on the stocks because the sale of suspensions will increase significantly. I'm tired of all you Jimmy Rogers sound alike gloom and doomers posting here. Just put your money where your mouth is. I love shorts because when you come out the stock booms.Best of luck to you-because you don't use reason-you need luck

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    • This board is for all opinions buddy not just yours..At nleast I am not preaching some penny stock. This stock is down 1 1/2 in two days and down four from its interday high. If you are making money sell it otherwise someone else will sell it for you. Whatever the growth of TSA HTCH is not the only company.

      I owned Quantum and watch it decline 30 % and everyday I said like you, great company crazy to short they will make $5.00 a share next year..bull now they have all loses. Most people buy companies that make money. If their product is so hot why will they lose money again this quarter.

      For $28 you can buy Seagate the market leader or cheaper WDC or Quantum which will all recover faster than HTCH.

      JP MORGAN and many analysts agree we will have a correction and the techs are very vunerable..One more time I bought Read Rite market leader for heads at $29 in late April last year they were making money..get it profits and they plunged in the correction to $20... Htch lost 73 cents..get it no profits, say they will not make money next quarter, again get it no profits...and you expect the stock to hit record highs? Are you from mars..

      If this stock was $15 it would be a great buy but at $28 I would rather own HMTT, or the major players they will advance farther if you feel there is a turn around coming. This stock is way ahead of itself...See you at $25

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