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  • rob_cos rob_cos Nov 30, 2012 3:39 PM Flag

    Apremilast efficacy improves with time on drug-better than biologic plateau...........

    Very important Apremilast discussion @ Piper conf discussing how Apremilast efficacy continues to improve the longer patients on drug vs the plateau seen with biologics.....

    : ...or continued benefit versus a plateau effect that's typically seen with the biologics.

    : Yeah.

    : Is that something that's continuing? Does that really point to potential benefit that at some point gets to a biologic or potentially better than a biologic?

    : Yeah. That – it's a very interesting point, Ian. Thanks for bringing that up. So, the ACR20s that we saw at 16 weeks continued to improve. There was actually a 50% improvement from week 16 to week 24 in the ACR20s. And you don't see that in the biologics. Usually with biologics, the patient will plateau and they stay at that efficacy level continuously. We did see this increase.

    Now we're continuing to file these patients out, and the studies will continue to run through 52 weeks and then we're actually going to follow for a couple of years for safety. So, we will see if these – if this benefit continues to increase. But it does seem to be a very unique feature of apremilast that the patients as they're on drug longer continue to improve. And we'll see where they ultimately do plateau or how long they continue to improve. But that's a very positive aspect of the drug, especially when you have a continuous chronic therapy twice a day. Patients are much more likely to adhere to that therapy if they continue to improve which is what we did see.

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