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  • bsd_dude bsd_dude Mar 4, 2013 9:59 AM Flag

    apremilast was always not a blanket cure

    It was never claimed it was, about 1/3 of people get little or no benifit, about 1/3 get a great benifit, the rest somewhere in between. There are alternative drugs.......its going to be all about the pricing, which celgene could flub, or not, and the Possibility of COMBINATION with the other drugs, if you take apremilast could you REDUCE ammount of other meds and get Good results? If your in the 1/3 for who apremilast does little, will it do a little more in combination?
    I don't think we know. Any clues?

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    • Most people don't understand Psoriasis, apremilast may work very well, say in the summer, yet a suffer may need to switch to a biologic for a few months.........this would not be unusual at all given psoriais profile, people often switch between meds......the harsher meds may be more effective, but if apremilast makes it so they cut down on the hard stuff, people will use it, part of the time.

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