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  • rjcajc rjcajc Jan 5, 1998 5:29 PM Flag

    More Celgene info

    Some more info on Celgene. Celgene has received an approvable letter from the FDA for Leprosy and should very shortly
    receive full approval. The FDA will approve Celgene�s distribution program which does allow women to take Thalidomide with the
    appropriate precautions. (Promise to use contraception and take pregnancy tests, viewing of a video with past Thal victims, extensive
    written material etc.). There will then be off-label use, which will be significant but is hard to estimate. Celgene will also file
    an application for Thalidomide to be used for Aids - Wasting. In a public forum FDA Commissioner Mary Prendergast called the
    use of illegally imported Thalidomide brought in by Aids buying groups and used by Aids-wasting patients a "desperate
    situation". The FDA WANTS approval so this illegal distribution stops . The drug has shown very positive results but the FDA would like
    to have more control via a U.S. drug company distributing . ENMD has never submitted any drug approval applications for
    anything. They are two years away from submitting on Thalidomide, they are not even remotely studying it for Leprosy.
    SelCids are pills, IMNX�s therapy is injected - HUGE advantage to the pill and SelCids will also be more powerful. They will
    be "customized" Thalidomide - they should have its beneficial effects, magnified to a significant degree, without the side
    effects. They divide the Thalidomide into its chemical parts and take one part out and substitute something else until they have a
    superior drug that works better without the negative side effects. I implore you to call the company for the investors kit and
    research this - all of your concerns will be addressed. FDA approval should come this month, Aid wasting application shortly
    thereafter and then I would see continued positive new coming out from the company periodically for the rest of the year, including the
    possibility of an Agro-biotech deal with BASF.. This is a very rare opportunity that has yet to be fully discovered by the Street. It
    won�t be down in the $8-$9 area for long and will be MUCH higher by year end. GET THE INVESTORS KIT!

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    • Anyone see the latest issue of LETS LIVE.... they REALLY trashed this company and its bogus products.
      All they are doing is trying to recover some of their losses from the 60's on .
      Do the homework.... there are only like 4,000 lepers left.
      ( I kinda thought there were more... look on the NY subway if you don't believe me)
      As far as AIDS groups bringing in off market drugs... they have been doing this for years now. AND, they are not the only ones to do so. That is a sad state that people have to do that.
      It is only a matter of time for the defects to reappear and it all could be prevented.
      Think about that before parting with the money.

      Now ESCI.... THATS another story, right Bob ?????
      It s

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      • I did a quick search on the web and found several things:

        First - Not much info on "Let's Live" magazine except its a natural health magazine dedicated to natural organic living, so you can guess where their agenda is.

        Second - According to the World Health Organization, there were an estimated 1,150,000 active cases of leprosy in the world with several hundred thousand new cases a year. See WHO Epiedmiological Record, June 6, 1997 on the WHO home page.

        It sure sounds like "Let's Live" has a polical agenda!!!

      • Sorry not familar with LETS LIVE the a web site that I can go to and read this trashed article?

        Would like to see more shareholders using this board!

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