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  • pancho1444 pancho1444 Jul 16, 1998 5:11 PM Flag

    settle down everbody....

    some of you are losing focus. does anyone believe
    that this stock is going down from here? don't get
    shaken out...tomorrow will be up. the fda has got to
    stress "severe restrictions' TO COVER THEIR ***.
    call dr. gruber at nyu med ctr....ask him how his
    trials with thalidomide vs. CANCER are doing.
    detroit...great results on bladder cancer. AIDS, ETC. people, we
    just cleared out the hypesters and traders...this is a
    great day...the worst of the media bashing is!!!!!!!

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    • (if the company decides to fast track, could be
      as soon as either 90-120 days. They pay the FDA a
      large sum to get an approvable letter (I think that's
      what it is) and they get a determination whether it'll
      pass. It shortens the process from well over a year.
      Hope that helps. My fingers are crossed and intend to
      add to my long position. (But refuse to watch on an
      hourly basis.)
      Good luck to all.

    • Thank you for that clarification.

    • Actually, your statement is partially incorrect.
      Once a drug has
      been approved, the FDA cannot tell
      a doctor what to prescribe it
      for. All they can
      do is set up some requirements and educational
      mandates to be met and hope it's used effectively...thus
      the pregnancy testing,etc. Federal law allows a
      doctor to use any approved drug in off-label use, not
      just what the drug has been approve effective for.

    • Thank you, but dundillo has just answered my
      question which seems to be that doctors can indeed
      prescribe for other ailments as they see fit as long as the
      drug has been proved effective in that regard. Thank
      you both.

    • Thank you for your response. But will Thalomid's
      tight controls prevent doctors from prescribing it for
      other uses or will doctors still have the same freedom
      to prescribe it for other uses as they already do
      with any other drug that has achieved FDA approval ??

    • I beleive the AIDS approval will come fast - but
      it really doesn't matter because the drug works and
      helps people suffering from AIDS wasting. Now that it
      is available - Dr's xcan prescribe it for whatever
      they want. Approval for AIDS would , I beleive, be a
      positive in that it would virtually guarantee insurance

    • Celgene said it would file for approval for Aids in the fall. Does anyone have any idea how long they will have to wait before they receive this approval ?? Thank you.

    • I suspect that a lot of folks were expecting a
      broader approval than what was actually received. The
      fact that the cancer trials are really just beginning
      and the even Celegene is hoping to produce a safer
      derivative drug for cancer treatment all have had negative
      impacts. The press has had a lot of good mentions in the
      last couple of days, but only as sidelines so far.
      Once researchers are able to anounce positive results
      for cancer and aids on a major scale I suspect it
      will remain fairly flat until a short squeeze occurs
      if most shorts are not out already, which I suspect
      is why the price surge occurred just before
      approval. I suspect that we will have to wait until initial
      order volumes have established a pattern and its
      obvious that CELEGENE will be in the BLACK or close to it
      the third quarter. If this doesn't occur we may find
      our shares diluted again as they put out another
      offerring to raise more capital before approval occurs for
      cancer next year. I am positive that both AIDS Wasting
      and the cancer approvals will occur as long as the
      trial testing does not identify any addition problems
      not already identified. Most current cancer
      treatments are far more dangerous than Thalomid. Radiation
      in doses high enough to treat cancer can eventually
      kill the patient if they were continued indefinately.
      The therapist bets he/she can kill the cancer first
      before having to stop to avoid giving the patient a
      fatal dose.
      Most drugs used in CEMOTHERAPY are at
      least as dangerous if not more so than Thalomid from
      what I've read. I have known too many people who
      choose to live short lives with cancer than to risk
      living a little longer but as near vegtables as a result
      of the current treatments. If tests prove out as
      well as early results indicate. The drug will be a GOD
      send for cancer victims and their families.

    • No, let me refresh your memory - You said that
      the FDA will never approve Thal. You were completely
      wrong, so please have the guts to admit that and then
      give us your opinion of what will happen. Don't change
      your story - have some integrity

    • I've been saying this for months - Thalidomide is
      a useless drug and approval will have no effect on
      Celgene's stock price. DUH Only idiots are invested in this
      stock. I like stocks that go up much better. I'm
      invested in REAL companies that have actual earnings and
      are not dependent on bullshit like thalidomide.

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