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  • mdfinance mdfinance Oct 9, 1998 10:47 AM Flag

    CELG's woes

    I think management must take responsibility for a
    large part of the stock's problems. Although I like
    them, I am tired of listening to the unsubstantiated,
    grandiose hype.

    For example, the recent press
    release stating a potential $100MM windfall from 2 Celgro
    contracts. In all honestly, the deal calls for $3MM
    essentially for research and development. We all may have
    high hopes for Celgro, but don't push $100MM in my
    face when the deal calls for $3MM.

    Also, the
    encouraging results from the multiple myeloma and Crohn's
    trials may be enough to get some physicians on board,
    but they are still PRELIMINARY. Lots of things can
    change between now and a phase III trial (just ask
    Interneuron or anyone trying to make a blood substitute).
    Most docs covering these diseases won't even know
    about the drug at this stage of research.

    are just a couple of examples of the hype that CELG
    keeps peddling.

    I like the potential of
    thalidomide, especially in those markets where little else
    exists for patient care and comfort. But now we need
    some reality. The stock won't do well until CELG gives
    some concrete numbers: how many doctors are signed up?
    how many pharmacies? where? have there been
    restocking orders yet? how many? where? in what

    Unfortunately, CELG has made it clear that they consider all of
    this proprietary and confidential information. You'd
    think that there was a big competitor breathing down
    their necks right now. Who are they guarding against?
    The investors/owners of CELG?

    In summary, I
    can understand why the market remains unsure of
    Celgene. I like them, yet they're driving me crazy with
    their games.

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    • I agree with you 100% MDFINANCE. I also find it
      interesting that in this press release there was no mention
      of the companies that agreed to the contracts. Are
      they trying to hide something from us??

      • 2 Replies to Robby_Cos
      • I am back from London and am more bullish than
        ever regarding CELG. It is headed MUCH higher. The
        Crohns trial results should be out soon - I believe they
        will even be more positive than the MM results, which
        were staggering. PLEASE BE WARY OF FALSE ALIASES.
        Please note that someone poted under"Robby_Cos"
        quetrioning Celgro - THIS WAS NOT ME. I in fact, believe
        Celgro has an incredible future, there will be more
        deals announced soon and this is only the begiinnig. I
        believe Celgro alone will prove to be worth more than the
        current market cap. - Be wary of false aliases. These
        guys are desparate now - they now Celgene's long time
        investors are about to be handsomely rewarded. Hang tough -
        we are almost there - REALLY!

      • Robby_cos?????? You are trying to take one of our
        more intelligent posters and imply something by using
        a variation of his screen name. Rob-cos, keep up
        your great posts & ignore this FAKER who tries to use
        Robby & Johnny & always has something negative to say.
        If you hate the company & the stock, then why don't
        you just go away. I mean, what possible explanation
        could there be for idiots writing meaningless,
        ridiculous comments about a company? I'll tell you why.
        Because the shorts & their buddies are SCARED. They have
        been trying to bail out of their position, by
        attempting to weaken the stock, but have been unsuccessful.
        Basically up until this week they have been forced to add
        to their position.
        MY FRIENDS. The stock looks
        weak at times, because the shorts are manipulating the
        stock IMO. The shorts know that they have to bail out,
        because this stock is about to run away. The news that
        has come out is huge, & if the posters on this board
        are correct there is plenty of additional good stuff
        coming. The shorts see the news, and are acutely aware
        that in a decent market Celgene would be running away.
        They also know that they have to get out now, before
        the revenue numbers which by all indications will be
        huge, come out. The co. by its own admission is
        conservatively compfortable with an analysts estimate of 36-40
        Million in revenue from Thalomid for 1999, which does not
        include potential revenue from cancer, crohn's etc. And
        of course, does not include revenues from
        The shorts are manipulating and will do anything to
        scare some weak hands into selling.
        These people have no reason to post other than their
        own PERSONAL interests, which is to weaken the stock
        for their benefit. Think of it my fellow longs, what
        other possible reasonable motivation can they possibly

    • CELG put thalidomide on the market just 9 days
      ago and you need a numbers ? do you need doctors
      names , phone numbers, car license number? pharmacies
      adreses and zip codes? WHY DON'T YOU GIVE THEM MORE TIME
      HUGE!!!!! You better sell it in monday and go away !! YOU
      IDIOT !!!!!!

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