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  • zevie1 zevie1 Dec 20, 1998 10:34 AM Flag

    All these BULL talk

    to moran picks,

    i've constantly read your
    posts and apprciate your knowledge and insight about
    celgene. You mentioned in your most previous message that
    celgene is close to an imid and ritalin deal. what i'd
    also like to ask you is, when do you expect doctors to
    come out with other peer reviews on other indications
    for thalidomide( perhaps doctor Gruber at NYU or
    brain cancer, chrons disease). Also, what is your
    feeling on the december sales regarding thalidomide? even
    if the quarter sales are not spectacular, as long as
    december is good (1 1/2 million) i belive that the stock
    price will be given a strong boost.Lastly, what is your
    opnion of the activity at the end of trading on friday,
    with the 100,000 blocks. do you belive that this was
    institutions or shorts buying back. thanks again for your
    intelligent insight. good luck to all celgene shareholders.

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