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  • fasthollywood2 fasthollywood2 Jan 2, 2013 12:45 PM Flag

    Leave it to Bieber, Come-on folks READ the 10Q.

    Just because someone pays Justin Bieber money to say use this card, do you Really think that PARENTS are going to RUN out and get that card for their kid. I case you don't know the answer to that question, the answer is NO.
    The 10Q makes it clear that this company Can NOT Continue unless it Sells More Shares. That's how they MAKE MONEY.
    I Don't own any shares I just ran across this company while looking at yahoo finance.
    I am Not a Jim Cramer, but come-on who the hell would give these guys money. If you do then you Deserve to lose your money and you Will Lose your money. Just read the 10Q.

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    • longtermcapitalmismanagement longtermcapitalmismanagement Jan 7, 2013 1:47 PM Flag

      we will see there champ in the coming months. If you dont own any shares why post? you have made your opinion clear a few times now, move on.

      I am in the stock, and understand it is in the development stage but proceeding to the next phase which will bring it to full production or in this case operations. Patience and some risk is needed to be in a penny stock but the mgmt team, their business concept and backing makes me sleep well at night. Never invest what you arent willing to lose. For those that cant handle that, like yourself sell and move on. Weak stomach investors not needed.

      You are so sure parents wont get this card for there children, why? What survey's or data makes you think this? An opinion, which you seem to be overjoyed to provide is all you use to support this statement. To offer a counterpoint parents today are buying their children cell phones as age eight and ten, getting them IPADs and using tv as a parenting tool, this product actually allows them to see what their child is up to and monitor it with the limited time they have. For $3.95 a month (which will decrease as they add more subscribers, which mgmt has mentioned in the past) with instant text messages and alerts / holds on the card why not. The middle class families that pay $85 plus for a Bieber ticket for their child cant afford this card and its services? Yeah....right..

      Yes they have offered shares to meet operational costs but each time they do this is dilutes managements shares / shares of those in the initial offerings so their ability to cont this is limited which they understand and which is why they signed Bieber to help gain subscribers and are actively planning for more subscribers with their shift to better systems to process the increased transactions. The company has increased revenue as it gains traction and again, it is a start up, they bleed cash normally as they get to full speed. Yes this stock and company could go bk, but again do not invest with what you are not willing to lose..

      Our Company had total revenues of $259,290 and $776,805, respectively, for the three and nine months ended June 30, 2012 ($16,046 and $22,800 for the corresponding periods in fiscal year 2011).

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      • You must be seriously underwater to make such a compelling argument (sarcasm, sorry). The fact of the matter is that the pps was driven by traders and blog writers. They have now left the building and only high risk investors and bag holders remain. The current price reflects that and will continue to do so until management successfully executes it's business plan. IMO the chance of success is low so I agree that anyone who is not into the high risk/high reward scenario should take what money they have left and go elsewhere.

      • Hi and thank you for your post/reply. I post because I have seen many "Development Stage" companies come and go. And they usually go with Investor Money leaving investors with pennies on the dollar.
        You sound as though you have based All this company's revenue on One Teenager, Is that really a wise Business Model?
        As far as parents giving credit cards to their kids based on what a Teen Singer says is also not a wise gamble when it comes to investing your hard earned money.
        As far as your great numbers, let me Quote from the companies own 10Q report.

        For the three and nine months ended June 30, 2012, our net losses totaled $3,543,212 and $10,955,273, respectively. That MILLIONS Folks, Not thousands.

        We have primarily financed our operations to date through the sale of unregistered equity.

        There exists substantial doubt about our ability to continue as a going concern for twelve months after the date of these financial statements.

        So let's revue Total Revenue of 259,290 and 776,805, BUT the company LOST more than 3.5 Million, and 10, almost 11 Million in the same period of time.

        It's Leave it to Bieber to the rescue. Plus the company is going to have to sell a lot more stock.

        Anyway just trying to INFORM People. No hard feeling. Thank you.

    • e.wickadp Jan 6, 2013 12:55 AM Flag

      Dig deeper into the history of the board of directors overseeing this company, they arent the type who would associate themselves with a scam. Bmpi is the real deal.

    • longtermcapitalmismanagement longtermcapitalmismanagement Jan 3, 2013 12:52 AM Flag

      WHO DO YOU THINK BUYS BEIBER TICKETS? the parents.... same with this card, the kids will mention this to their parents. You are all so down on this stock, either way by mid 2013 we will know.

    • Speaking from experience, anyone who gives this company money will be screwed over. This company is a scam. Common sense will tell you that, something I initially ignored.

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