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  • y0da7119 y0da7119 Jan 3, 2013 4:45 AM Flag

    Glad I didnt invest more

    960 shares at .76 . No point in selling now

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    • adding to a losing position is never a good idea. there is a point to selling now. you keep half your capital and you live to fight another day. you have learned a valuable lesson here. never let a stock move against you more than 7 to 8% (that's my rule, but you can have your own pain threshold)

      take your money out and put it to work somewhere else that is going to move. i have no idea how you found this pos, but don't trust anyone. make your own trades, if you don't know what you're doing go read a book. "how to make money in stocks" is a good start honestly. over millions of copies sold, lots of people follow this method and it's easy to take advantage of that mentality...

      OPMG was a previous bieber pump, investors lost 99%. you want to see the rest of your $ disappear? not saying it will, but it's very possible here...

      in my opinion, there is a point to selling, you can battle on, hope you learned something valuable here. it probably saved you tons of cash in the future.

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      • I did learn here. I almost through 5 grand into this pos and thank god I did not. I almost did when Scott Matsow was touting this stock. A buddy of mine just lost 10K out of his 28K portfolio buying into FOLD so my loss here is minor. I have been lucky enough thus far to actually make a little albeit not alott in my investments. I may just sell this at a loss like ya said and move it to somewhere else that may recover those losses.

    • You should avg down here... not so much cause I love this stock, but I do see it getting to 55-60( u can get ur money back)

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      • I sure hope you're right. If management would just follow through and start promoting the company with Bieber, the stock would stand a chance of hitting 60. But their silence along with selling more stock has made me highly suspicious that something is not right. As for averaging down, I wouldn't recommend it. This company is off the chart as far as risk is concerned so I wouldn't throw good money after bad. Just sayin'...I don't want to see anyone else hurt by these crooks.

    • that was unfortunate purchase, but I think you will soon have a chance to decrease your loss. just wait till the campaign starts and the stock will move to 0.6 very quickly. there are high profile people behind this, I think this may work as its a unique product on the market + they already have a patent on the gift scheme regarding credit top up. there is something behind this, dont worry!

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