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  • gogspn4evr gogspn4evr Mar 8, 2005 2:16 PM Flag

    First support broken


    and I could be entering in 5.20s as it looks now it could happen. Just little $$$ to start with and see what will happen. Could be quick dip and back up.

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    • T - just curios how can the long term investors lose any money if they have not sold their shares?

      Further, what is their tax bill when they do sell their shares and how does that compare to yours? ie Long term cap gains vs. short term cap gain, not too mention what about those stakeholders who may be taking advantage of DCA - dollar cost averaging.

      Perhaps you could answer these questions?

      By the way someone's investment goals and objectives may and probably are different than yours does that make them wrong? or maybe it makes them right for the particular individual.

      By the way I thought you had given up on this stock several months ago - why are you still here? and why aren't you posting on the NJ board it appears that it is back up and running.

    • $5k gains, huh? Wow, you are quite the high roller, Gog. Most impressive.

      Yes, with the limited liquidity here, small players can make a few dollars here and there on the cycles. For some of us, its not worth the effort. So enjoy and I hope you make enough to pay off your trailer house in less than the 30 year mortgage period... just joking!

    • Who died and made you boss?

      I'd say that based on CGN's posts - he just might know a bit about the teleco space as well as the CRNT technology.

      Exactly what is it that you do know?

      I think you spelled your name incorrectly.

      UNDER CRUSTY is the correct spelling....

      I NOZE

    • marrb just take a look at message 1930
      That was what gog was replying to.
      kinda sick huh?
      Stick with gog and your CDs dude, your
      Avoid confrontations of wit, your unarmed

    • Great... glad he made another $1k to keep the lights and PCs on down in the trailer park.....

    • Scout, you are very perceptive... your stock has risen.

    • And here is gogs another post and it was a perfect prediction and we could find this guy more right than wrong for sure. He makes money by trading stocks. Somebody who has either no knowlidge how to or desire to trade but most likely those who bad mouth him are sore losers wating years for little stock to go up few cents. And when they do, they go back down.

      Re: go go go
      by: gogspn4evr (28/M/Sunny California) 03/08/05 04:15 pm
      Msg: 1931 of 1957

      Good for you but I am afraid you bought it little few cents too early.

      This could re-visit 5.20-5.10 are in day or two before move back up imo.

    • "A guy like gog makes a comment"

      Here is a sample of one of his comments,
      There is no doubt in my mind about some small firm or two accumulation after the earnings.
      But those moves are usualy tight to TA and those who ever is buying there are smart enough to know it and as wee saw again today they brought the price just about to 50day.
      So far no any significant volume increase after going back up little but it could happen if market will turn to upside.

      If 50day will not hold you want to sell because it would get a lot cheaper. But I think buying in 5.18 - 5.10 is OK and safe.

      What did he say? Nothing!! To start off with
      firms taking positions in the stock has no
      validity. Check the daily volumn for the last
      month. IMO gog is living in a make believe
      world trying to project the image in which he
      sees himself. Why else would he do his play by
      play as he reads the ticker.
      Sorry Uncle, CGN has pegged this blowhard.

    • Hey, uncleboy, back off. I don't dump on the day traders unless they dump first... saying anyone who holds the stock is a fool or whatever, as if its worth everyone's time to watch 5 screens all week to make $2k! Small players....

      I have no problem with anyone owning/trading this stock until they trash longs.... but it does frustrate me most of them don't seem to know anything about this biz, while they spew about reverse osmosis neutrino decay curve chart trends.

      I don't know shite (sp?) about the market, company, etc. Now you are showing your ignorance. If I told you any more about how much I know, I would, of course, have to send you to great beyond....

    • CGN all you do is bash others that make money. You dont know shite about the telcom market. Cheerleader with the ability to read a press release and feel comfortable to become the message board spokesman. A guy like gog makes a comment, which turns out to be true, you bad mouth him. It must be tough to be wrong all the time. Please tell us what this company does and how it is differentiated? I would be interested in your expertise.

      I am not sure who is dumber, you or Noze. Based on your responses, I will be able to make that determination.

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