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  • pyramid2like pyramid2like Jun 28, 2005 12:12 PM Flag

    I wonder if i832u

    really knows something or if all of his I have to addmit very accurate predictions were just a pure luck?
    Even my average is in mid 3.50's I wonder if I made the right choice and locked my money in this like it or not very poor acting stock.Market was positive last several weeks and CRNT has declined more than a dollar since than.
    If 4.25 will not hold I will sell my shares because I wouldn't want to go down with this stock again. Frustrating enough as it is and
    I think the time is getting right to move on to some real value stock.
    Good luck to all longs.

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    • He might. But look at his past record and his predictions were very good same as his reasons
      why price will move in certain direction.
      From technical point it is not very hard to predict where the stock is going because the chart is very bearish. On the fundamental side
      it looks at least on the surface like fine executing company but he has some points which make sense and looking at SEC filings there are some statements that could be taken as not very promising for the future. Immediate downgrade after the earnings would explain that as well.
      The company has reached its peak and this current environment is not helping to achieve their goals.
      We'll know the answer from the company in a few weeks.
      Good luck to you.

      • 2 Replies to ustapen
      • You clowns! You ask questions, then answer them in alias while giving one another aliases a tongue bath.

        832s predictions aren't predictions, they are short term trend riding... you'll note he's never been around in the upswings, and when there's a trough underway, he comes in after the start saying "I predicted this".

        He is known on other boards as a hater of Israeli companies, probably some kind of Palestinian or related sympathizer who is part of an orchestrated effort.

        Do any of you clowns look at fundamentals and markets and competition? Do any of you moron (since 90% of bashers here are the same 832) hold stocks more than a week?

        There are plenty of pullbacks and troughs over the years in the rise of great companies, what determines the long term success or failure is the fundamentals and execution.

        Small time clown(s). Go to Vegas and put your money in a slot machine, and you can "chart" your successes!

      • You guy(s) are really sick. Here is the scenerio:

        day 1: 832 predict down, 832 short x shares.
        day 2: 832 predict down, 832' short y shares.
        day 3: 832 predict up, 832 buy back x shares.
        day 4: 832 predict down, 832'' short z shares.
        day 5: 832 predict up, 832' buy back y shares.
        day 6: 832 predict down, 832''' short w shares.

        and during these days, 832 and his clones post predictions and self-praise posts one after another.

        on and on and on...

        until the message board gets quiet again.

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