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  • karnac674 karnac674 Dec 31, 2007 11:51 AM Flag

    Another Motley Fool /IBD Loser Bites the Dust

    Two of the absolutely worst publications in the investing space pumped this turd of a stock over and over again and in doing so, have watched in take more than a 50% haircut on relatively good earnings; even owing for the dilution of the new shares.

    Those that subscribed to the new shares including the underwriters who bought them and the institutional investors have taken a blood bath in just a few weeks.

    Way to go MF and IBD. Best way to make money with your subscriptions is to short all your recommendations cause your picking quality sucks!

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    • Here's the bottom line...

      If it works for you, stick with it and best of luck as you do so...

      'm not aborn cynic, but the touted results give me reason to be one when I compare it to their perfrmance.

      Anyway, its all about sticking with a system that works for you personally....

    • OK... From that standpoint I would agree with you, however, I've been a MF member since about 1998 or so, and I clearly remember them telling everyone about how the high PEs of the fibre optic and dotcom companies were going to come home to roost some day, and that the smart money was in boring, dull stocks that actually made money.

      You got it, I didn't listen. And yeah, I got burned to a fair thee well. JNPR, JDSU, GLW, you name it, I had it.

      So now I invest in a lot of smallcaps, mostly boring companies that make money, and because I'm diversified, I don't worry my head off if a stock goes down - I hold onto it because it's worth more when it's low!

      And now I'm making money in a very big way... and I listen very very hard to Motley Fool because when I listen to them I make money, and when I didn't I lost - bigtime.

      And I love the honesty. And the humor. And the fact that they make fun of themselves ALL the time, and suggest ways to lower credit card debt and on and on and on.

      Oh yeah, and they allow NO SPAM on their boards. Not for a minute. It's all automated, and it works. You spam, you're off and you CAN'T GET BACK ON.

      So no, I don't think they're idiots, quite the reverse. And yeah, they have some bad picks in there. Well, I try not to invest in those.

    • Are you an investor with FIsher or just following his columns in Forbes. I picked up some equities on his rec from Forbes and they have done very well.

      I'm thinking about throwing his company some cash to manage given his insight...

    • Ken Fisher, money manager. He seems to have a good understanding of the market direction. I get his picks from Forbe's (he's a contributor) and I read anything he publishes. I swear by his market website: Unlike the Motley idiots, he really understands investing (in my opinion).

    • Who is Fisher?

    • House of PAIN!!!

    • What a maroon/winner of the Darwin Awards; it is my understanding that Motley Fool's Hidden Gems is currently the highest return investment newsletter on the market. They don't MARKET TRADE. They are the complete polar opposite of IBD.

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      • Good advertising huh. Hey, go ahead and buy the picks they recommend: SCSS, CRNT, LOOP....good luck. These guys are thieves.

      • Excuse me darwin, but duh! Of course they are different.

        IBD is based on momentum and uses the CANSLIM philosophy of O'Neil, which if you follow it has you stopping out of most picks. Momentum stocks = volatility while O'Neil recommends stopping out at 8%. A true recipe for disaster. Look at the only approved/licensed fund by O'Neil, CSSGX, and the returns are atrocious.

        Motley Fool Hidden Gems is another BS publication and if you look at the numbers that had Hurlbert give it a thumbs up you would see it is smoke and mirrors, because the majority of their reported returns are based one or two picks over the last 4 years like MIDD and DECK. Unless you buy every pick to start your own MFHG mutual fund, the likelihood that you would have only selected the winners is infintessimily low, given that the majority of the pics are losers. In fact the last 16 months, their blended average recommendation is up only 1.7%.

        At least the real darwin did some research. His thesis is that only the strong survive. Good luck, you'll need it following the anecdotal performance dribble you read from MF and IBD.

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