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  • magalo555 magalo555 Jul 14, 2009 11:52 AM Flag

    $10 by September least....

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    • Revised,,,,by the end of October...after the Q-3 numbers are announced...

    • Nice! 3 days before you change your mind. Good call!

      I'm long on CRNT so I'm also hoping it goes to $10+ and think it will in the long run but I would not stake my reputation on it going to $10 by Sept or October.

      In my opinion it it will not go to $10+ until the economy improves and the phone companies start to invest in infrastucture again. I'm not sure that this summer has been that great for Ceragon.

      Even though I do not think it will go to $10 by October, I still rate it a strong buy because the company has great management and is in a growing industry which desperately needs to update its backhaul infrastucure. Ceragon will greatly benefit when this begins to happen.

    • I completely agree with everything you said- one thing to keep in mind- per their investor conference presentation on August 12 (see website), they are in active talks with Verizon about providing equipment. If this contract get announced, there is little doubt this stock will move significantly. This is why I have cut my stake significantly and am waiting for a better entry point but am maintaining about 30% of my original position.

    • I must have missed that comment about Verizon in the CC. I have to go back and listen for it more carefully.

      If they do announce a contract with Verizon you will definetley see a jump like you did with Hutchison.

      To support a price of $10 realistically they need to get back to the earnings they generated last year before the market down turn. If they do and they continue to see a 30 to 40 percent growth rate, which is in the realm of possibility in their industry, I can see the price going to $16-$20. I'm not so sure that it will happen before December or even March. Hopefully by 2Q 2010.

    • It wasn't on the on quarterly conference call- it was the Oppenheimer investors conference. There is a link to it on the web site

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    • I think therapy is in order for you my little one. You are not even entertaining. I'm up 5% since the March crash. Allt hing considered, I'm happy. How are you? Seeing that your disposition is close to insanity, I'd say you lost your shirt.

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