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  • gothamguardian gothamguardian Sep 21, 2000 4:07 PM Flag

    Welcome all Giganet/Ceragon investors

    Hey everyone,

    I bought several shares of
    this company on word of mouth from my broker. Then
    again, my broker does work for Morgan Stanley Dean
    Witter, the underwriter of the IPO ;-)

    I think we
    will have to be patient with this stock, as another
    poster (JimmyC44) said, since it has not yet caught the
    attention of Wall Street. We've only begun to scratch the
    surface of the capabilities and advantages of high
    frequency transmission/broadband access.

    The company
    is showing good signs of growth. Be patient, and I
    feel those of us in it for the long haul will be aptly


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    • it's all about the LAST MILE!!!
      fiber optics are creating the ability to move huge
      amounts of data around the world very very cheaply. The
      big bottleneck is in the metropolitan areas. How do
      you get the data from the long haul fiber to the
      corporate user (we are talking about a business solution
      here...not consumers).

      Ceragon uses the airwaves to
      deliver huge volumes of data to the end user...quickly
      and cheaply. You don't have to wait for the
      construction crews to run that fiber line. With so much on the
      plate you can't get poeple to get that work done.
      Ceragon has a much quicker solution.

      This company
      is not about's about last mile bandwidth.
      Companies in that space are getting very big valuations. At
      some point this will be recognized about Ceragon and
      the shareholders will be well rewarded.

    • Crnt is so quite since ..... I am expecting some
      good news any time soon....
      I am taking advantage
      of the current rough time of the market
      condition(Nasdaq) to accumulate more ..... After the news and the
      earnings release. We will see Crnt in the low 30 and

      Hang in there Longs.


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