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    I'm looking at the numbers Joel mentioned in the conference call for annouced sales in 2006- and then the numbers the analysts are using for gross sales, and then the marine, air force, and now this 60 million addition to the order.

    It looks to me like we are now somewhere over $450 in orders already placed for delivery in 06. Am I adding it up wrong? And if that is the case, then we are looking somewhat significantly NORTH of $2.50 on the potential earnings, all else being the same. More like $2.80- $3.00/ share range would be well within reason, if my quick laymen's math is right. And that doesn't count anything that is NOT annouced as a firm order yet, and there is still some 169 million in the defense package that hasn't been contracted yet. Which means we are trading at around 14 times 06 earnings, wityh a company sales growing at 80% per year, AND there is lots of other possible increases ahead.

    Am I way off on this ? ? ?

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