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  • emomon23 emomon23 Apr 17, 2006 11:04 AM Flag

    Modern Marvels cable show


    Has anyone else seen the episode of Modern Marvels on cable highlighting body armor? Crdn was one of the companies featured. It showed a round hitting one of their tiles. The tile actually cracks when the round hits, but the cavilar behind the tile won't let the round through. This would infer that once a tile stops a round, it must be replaced??? According to the show, the tile isn't really used for stopping rounds, that's the vests job. The tile is used to absorb the high impact that the soilder feels ("like a 90 mph fastball"). They said some soilders don't even know they were hit until after they get back to their base and find a hole(s) in their uniform.

    They also showed some 'liquid armor' that MIT is working on. Very cool stuff. This 'pad' is fluid and is able to bend, but when pressure is applied, all of the molicules gather under the pressure and become incredibly ridgid. The more pressure applied, the stronger it becomes. As soon as the pressure is released, the material becomes fluid again. Very cool!!!

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