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  • kilbo_2000 kilbo_2000 Aug 12, 2000 9:43 AM Flag

    Same thing 25 to 30 years ago

    I any of the Infinium Cheerleaders remember what
    I said several months ago!

    That ASP is
    nothing new, only years ago it was called time sharing,
    or service center's (Thats how EDS started). The
    only thing new is the name.

    It was the same
    problem at that time, these providers were her today gone
    the next!

    In the long run it has no cost

    If anyone of you remember when Xerox had
    a division call Xerox Computer Services.

    Xerox could not keep it running how is Infinium!

    The big question who wants to give your control of
    you processing to a third party.

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    • Not quite 25 yr. ago was a very profitable outfit
      that provided time sharing (Tymshare - I believe it
      was a division of McDonnellDouglas)... there were
      others (IBM) ... and contrary to what you say, the model
      worked quite well then... and is beginning to work well
      again. At that time, I was working for a datacom co.
      that sold X.25 pads/switches that many co.'s were
      using to link to Tymshare apps. Today it should work
      even better because back then the "public data
      network" was not so public as it was usually an X.25 net
      that charged on a per usage basis. Now the net is free
      with the only charge coming from the ISP for net

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      • What all happen to them? Yes some of the big boys
        did make money. But many did not!

        How long
        ago did they get out of the business?

        If you
        also remember 25 years ago the industry did not have
        the different ranges of equipment as they do now.

        Everything was geared toward the large mainframe
        installations, and all equipment was very expensive.

        market share was lost when the Midrange size system were
        IBM system 3, Wang systems, HP-3000, Etc.

        What did a IBM 360 rent for a month?

        market is not the same.

        Is Tymshare still in

        Why did this type go by the way side? The
        total cost!

        You also connot be comparing
        Infinium to a IBM or Mcdonnell-Douglas.

    • Many softwware functions are moving to the web, I
      believe this transistion is more revolutionary. The
      consideration with INFM is whether they have the customer base
      and technology to be a survivor. There is little
      question that this is a valid approach, especially in the
      middle tier market. Any comments from the thread, this
      would be a good debate, as would comments regarding an
      in debth review of INFM's customer base, which is
      lacking on the thread other than a few comments on
      'gaming', which is a limited nitch market.

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      • ASP is a great idea for getting rid of your home
        answering machine. It's cheap, reliable and has benefits
        you won't get by owning your own machine.

        What nobody seems to have figured out is that farming
        out ERP systems to an ASP doesn't confer any
        benefits. A number of "Industry GURU's" have expressed
        surprise that most industry users in the ERP space aren't
        dying to try ASP. DUH!

        What do you get by going
        ASP? Share hardware costs, don't have to hire your own
        tech or ops people.... What else is there? BTW, these
        items, while marginally cheaper, are less than 5% of the
        cost of an ERP implementation.

        How does going
        with an ASP cut down on training costs? It won't! How
        does it handle user specific modifications? With
        difficulty! How will going with an ASP make implementation go
        faster? It won't! The tech portions of an ERP
        installation are NEVER on the critical path. Defining needs,
        loading data, testing, training the users and doing
        modifications ARE the critical path and ASP won't help this a

        People who believe that ASP is a good
        strategy for ERP projects don't know what they are talking
        about. What customer would pay more for a less flexible
        solution that has no measurable advantages and puts them
        at the mercy of a third party? Double DUH guys.
        That's all there is to it.


      • To reduce costs, IFMX is relocating from Silicon Valley to Westboro. Bob, time to make a deal. Can you say "Internet Infastructure Provider"?