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  • fullerton_titan fullerton_titan Jul 15, 2004 5:15 PM Flag

    take ur $ to AFRT.ob...soon to double

    look, u will get some profits....I usually get from 20% to 80%...u just need to get in now n get out in a week...good luck...

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    • hi,
      can you verify what your publishing or is it because its oversold,do you have more info about them,please whrigt it down

      • 1 Reply to astra2002be
      • AFRT - I just read the last quarterly report. I took less than 2 minutes to read. It looked like it was made by high school students. It is so funny that they are trying to sell a product to prevent Christmas trees from catching on fire.

        They even said they used over a million dollars cash flow from operations to strenghthen the business. So funny.

        And the cash flow statement shows them selling stock to pay creditors. And the stock price is less than $.001

        Love the news releases as well.

        Thanks for the laugh. It's even better.. well mabye not... then QBID.PK - that's a joke too. why would it take almost a decade to develop a t.v. channel. I mean, I have 10 NHL channels that just popped up on my satellite, as well as a handful of NASCAR channels. Seems like anyone can have their own tv channel overnight. You have to be retarded to spend 7 years and you still have only test ran the program.