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  • fivealarmfire fivealarmfire Feb 9, 2007 10:21 AM Flag


    I just bought some at $5.85 and $5.86!!! Hard to believe...Nich traded 4 points higher (in AH) just two short weeks ago. Before earnings I remember saying that this could go to the 9's or back to $4.50??? Maybe it will do both! I just transfered more dry powder should they think about filling that gap at $5. We have one heck of a relentless seller here. They are getting this spring coiled and ready though.

    Good Luck All!

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    • watch ENPT and see how it bounced back.

      If you believe it is a jewel, buy it. garbage, dump it.

      I believe it, so I started to buy when it was 7 and all way down to today for another 1500 share. I'll buy it down all way to 4 if it goes that far.

      I did this because I am a believer!

      You guys can sell as much as you can. I'll hold bag for some of your shares, for sure.

    • I don't get can a stock can lost 40% after a blow out earning?.....low pe.....growing revenue.....what is going on? this stock for real?

    • Keep in mind, there is only a float of 3M shares - if they longs (oustide of the current seller) hold, the selling has to dry up. This is coiled alright...and not like other stocks that coil from selling pressure, this one is being accumulated by someone as the seller exits and when they are done there will be hardly any shares left for sale. As crazy as it is to have this drop 4 points in 2 weeks, we could easily see 9 within one week, there just aren't enough shares to go around.