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  • whyiloveamerica whyiloveamerica Dec 17, 2001 10:40 AM Flag

    no chance of delisting

    like i said about a week ago, no worries about delisting. we have 90 days at the start of the new year. from there, if we don't get minimum bid, we have another 90 days to pull it up.

    even with no new news, just know that we won't get delisted, i'm sure. At this price level, with small volume, all ANYONE would have to do would be to commit to buying some good chunks of the stock to take it right over 1.00.

    however, i'm sure that by the time this question comes up again, we won't have any worries.

    right now, we've got a fairly stable stock that holds at low volume. this is very good. the asks are not hitting the bids; insted, the bids are slowly going towards the asks.

    thus, there isn't any quick pressure either way. which i think is great for this stock.

    i think we'll see a slow creep up to the upper .90s and low 1.00s by the end of the week. slow steady buying will do this for us easily. quick buying (which has happened before) would do it as well.

    i tried to call the company a few minutes ago, but IR was on the other line. I'll continue to try over the next few days.

    also, if anyone out there is thinking about buying, i'd say wait a little today to see what happens: it could very well dip a little bit. however, once the small sells are taken out at the ask, things will move up quickly. pay attention ot the island books and streaming rt quotes to see bid/ask amounts.

    for instance, right now there is 4k on .86 and 5k for sell at .91. the .91 is not moving, nor is the .86. but, given enough time, i'd suspect the .86 will creep up. At this point, there is usually a trade at .91 followed by some chaser trades at .88 or .89 or .90. then, however, there is a new (usually higher) ask.

    if you look at the ask pattern today, it went from .88 down to .85 and since then, it has slowly creeped up from .89 to .90. to now .91.

    oh, and there you go, a 600 trade just hit the ask and that followed with a .90 trade of 600 as well.

    things are looking good here. it is quite possible we'll finish in the upper .90's today. 1.00 and higher is well within reach this week.