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  • wtblanch5 wtblanch5 Mar 28, 2011 1:35 PM Flag

    Lestz speaking 3:30 in Houston, May 11

    How defeatist!

    More of us should write our elected officials, e.g.,

    Obama was prepared to open more offshore drilling until BP screwed it up for so many.

    We need to educate as many as possible about the real issue, which is poor cementing jobs that led to environmental damage. See which states it briefly and clearly.

    The industry needs to take the lead and fix this problem and then publicize that they did so.

    Only then will Gasfrac really be able to take off when their advantage of preserving scarce water resources and not presenting any possibility of polluting rivers can be more universally recognized.

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    • Here's the text of my message to my elected officials. If you agree, won't you join me in educating your friends, e.g. through social media, and also contacting your elected officials?

      I'm all for MUCH MORE energy independence, the wars we're less likely to enter, and the JOBS it will create. This link briefly and to the point explains the key problem few understand that should be relatively easy to fix and regulate that preserves our environment in the process.

      (key issue is the cement jobs must be perfect at the water table level)

      There is also a company called Gasfrac (which full disclosure I am a stock holder for) that use none of our scare water resources in the process.

      I want my President to understand and teach this basic point, then support Natural Gas production in North America, and lead the charge for better Natural gas distribution along Interstates and a move toward (at the least) Trucking to use Natural Gas.

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