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  • bairdgs bairdgs May 4, 2011 1:17 PM Flag

    Company Using Nitrogen Gas for Fracking

    I've attached a link to a video that is pumping a company that is using nitrogen gas for fracking.

    I apologize if this has already been covered. I'm looking for information about this company and how their technology stacks up against GSFVF.
    I own shares of Gasfrac and intend to buy more today as fear of the upcoming quarterly report is driving the price down.
    Thanks in advance for help.

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    • The question I have for any media used for the fracking is if it has the density and viscosity to carry the proppant, usually sand, into the cracks as they open up. Seems to me getting the rocks to fracture isn't the hard part. Water is proven so even with all its problems drillers are reluctant to change. Gasfrac needs to present some data of "parallel" results, e.g. same same formation, depths, etc.

    • Thanks for reporting this, but I suspect it is more of promotional speech for the research service than information about the company. The videos that span 15 minutes and more time reviewing posters that are in effect read by an announcer is become a plague on the internet. I prefer to read my news than being spoon fed as if I couldn't read.

    • Pumping enough nitrogen into a well to get the pressure up to a useful level will take a lot of gas that has to be purchased from a company like AirGas. That cost a lot because it takes a lot of energy to separate it out. Propane separation is much merely have to compress the natural gas leaving a well to 135 psi and drain out the liquid. You can use some of the natural gas as fuel for the engine to run the separator. This done without personal attendance. So GasFrac can recollect and separate the propane gas at well1 and transport it to well2, etc. Natural gas also has a safety issue: if a leak occurs near the well head, the operators cannot see it and could become asphyxiated, requiring the use of air masks and oxygen sensors to avoid.

    • The effectiveness of energy transfer via a gas with pressure pulses is much less than with a liquid which are incompressible. GasFrac also uses nitrogen to purge the well of oxygen before the liquid propane is introduced. Now it is true that when starting the LPG flow in, some of it will expand to a gas until the internal pressure reaches 135 psi, but that is a low value that is quickly reached. Above that pressure, LPG stays an incompressible liquid and pressure pulse applied once it is distributed throughout the frack zone will hydraulically crack the shale layers.

      A similar approach has been used using carbon dioxide as a fracking gas, but has the same problem, but the additional liability of escaping to the atmosphere. Nitrogen escaping to the atmosphere will not faze any environmentalist, but CO2 will drive them up a spite of the fact that the original source would have done so if it had not been collected for the fracking job.

    • The company is Canyon Service Group, another energy services company, currently only in Canada, which has had explosive growth in the last two years. They are broader in services supplied. FRC on the Toronto and cysvf on U.S. pink sheets. Share price has also exploded but it seems to be at a reasonable price, assuming they don't stub a toe. They also do hydrofracking but the hook for investors is that the they also have some proprietary technology in using nitrogen(that's the "dry" part).which appears to be particularly applicable in certain formations. I have no idea whether this is an important element of their overall revenue. Hey, there is plenty of room for companies with innovative technology. Right now anybody providing fracking services should do very well during 2011.

    • the over all market in the past two days doesn't help either.

      i still wonder how much is related to the upcoming move to the tsx main board

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