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  • freshbread4u freshbread4u Jun 13, 2011 4:24 PM Flag

    Texas drought as opportunity

    There is an article on Bloomberg stating that the drought in Texas may lead to restrictions on water usage for hydrofracking. Here is the link:

    I wrote to the reporter and told him about GasFrac. Here is the text of my e-mail.

    I read your piece about how drought may slow down drilling that uses hydrofracking. You made one major omission: There is another process that can be substituted for hydrofracking. That is the use of liquid propane gas to complete the wells rather than water. The process is used by a completion contractor called Gasfrac Energy Services out of Canada. It uses the liquid propane gas developed by Chevron instead of water in the Gasfrac proprietary process. Further, once the liquid propane is injected into the shale, it converts back into a gas, so it comes out of the ground with the oil. It does a better job of fracking and it does not leave behind water deposits that hamper collection of oil. In short, it gives a better result while using no water. GasFrac has recently opened offices in Texas and has a waiting list for its services for the next year or so in that area. Estimates are that in 2012, the annual revenue of the company from liquid propane fracking will exceed $500 million.

    You also should know that the use of liquid propane rather than water resolves all of the problems that have led environmentalists to complain about hydrofracking in many areas. GasFrac is the wave of the future in this area.

    If you need further information about the company, I suggest that you check out their website.

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