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    • The is the news I've been waiting for..GasFrac is operating in the Marcellus Shale region:

      "GasFrac said it has so far performed more than 1,000 propane fracks on 400 wells, it said.

      The company began operations in Texas this summer, using its technology to frack a well in the Eagle Ford Shale for a small Canadian company called Jadela Oil Corp.

      The well was fracked using propane, butane and sand instead of water. Texas is experiencing one of the worst droughts on record, and water use in the state has been an issue.

      The company is also operating in the Marcellus Shale covering parts of the U.S. Northeast, where opposition to drilling has been the most fierce.

      “This is the market that is booming,” Zeringue said a day ahead of a trip to Houston to see potential customers. “I think this could be a game-changer for the industry.”

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    • I don't like that the writers of these articles keep reiterating that propane is flammable. I think it's common sense that propane is flammable, and yes there is a danger in forcing propane at high pressure down a well, but they have only had something like 2 incidents in over 1000 jobs. The problems have since been corrected and in my mind there is nothing to worry about. It's almost like they are biased or have possibly been influenced to make sure they mention the word 'flammable' in the article.

      Forcing anything, even water or inert gas, into a hole at a few thousand PSI has the potential for danger. That's all part of the fracking business. Gasfrac obviously has safety on the mind because of the extended period of time it takes to put together new sets of equipment with new crews. The extra time is well invested when it comes to properly training crews. It may keep the stock price down a bit because of less productivity but I am perfectly OK with that. The longer it stays down in the 7-8 dollar range, the longer I have to buy more stock before we see 20, 30 or more dollars per share.

      Just my thoughts on the matter. Ultimately, though, I absolutely agree. The more exposure the better.

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      • cmhe Nov 23, 2011 11:40 AM Flag

        Propane on the raod; Driving from Sacramento CA to Los Angeles yesterday. Saw a Blue Rhino propane delivery truck loaded down traveling on I-5. and also saw bulk delivery full tanker of propane also on same roads and OH MY GOD_ saw the propane tank on my barbeque with no safegaurds at all -wow we live dangerously everyday-as long as Gasfrac stresses a very high saftey protocall this will do well. GLTA

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