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  • g8trgr8t g8trgr8t Dec 20, 2011 10:49 AM Flag

    Eagleford Results from Jadela

    this was from Nov but don't remember seeing it here. Doesn't look very good.

    I have been holding 1k shares and am down almost 22% on gasfrac. We need a catalyst or something to get this thing going but results like this are not going to help us in Texas unless I am misreading something

    Thoughts? Opinions?

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    • you sound like you dont understand the oil bussiness

    • he is one of the people who are under the impression that they can influence the direction a stock moves.

      fat tony does this all the time, but has been exposed. what he doesn't understand is that he can, and will, go to jail for this kind of illegal activity. it won't be the honor farm that madoff or martha stewart went to, far from it, it will be where bubba cuddles up with you at night.

      if they did a simple search they will find many people who have been arrested for doing this, with several even coming from yahoo's message boards

      but hey maybe he's a lonely guy looking for some man love

    • clearly you don't know what your doing. nothing you have said reflects knowledge of business strategy.

      the only thing it reflect is a dropout if you were ever in classes at all

    • This SamIam has been on several boards bashing Gasfrac, he pretty obviously has an axe to grind and I'd take what he posts with a grain of salt. He also get real huffy when someone questions his motives or his facts.

      If you look at almost any company they've had problems at times. Exxon Valdez, Macanudo, Chevron in Brazil - any of those ring a bell?

      Gasfrac is a new company with new technology and anyone with a lick of sense knows that nothing goes completely smoothly nor does is the oil industry quick to adopt new methods.

    • but you're 49 per Yahoo....

    • "Take some business classes"

      I spent my entire working life in various businesses. From start ups, rescues to turnarounds. I had my own real estate brokerage with a lending arm. I sold it to a large C-21 franchisee.

      My last business prior to retiring, was under owned and managed. I had 175% ROI in a year and three quarters.

      I retired at 50.

      Obviously I had no idea what I was doing.

    • your food for thought has already been discussed. your points are moot.

      us revenues were not quote tire kickers unquote, if they were they wouldn't have any revenue growth, yet they have gone from 600K for the month of may to 12.9MM in the month of august. not a quote tire kicker unquote there bub

      and just so you know there are completely exempt from the moratorium in new york

      they are not the greatest far from it, but your thought that you can influence which way a stock moves by posting false and misleading information is a violation of federal laws. like i said do you really want to go to jail over $100

      clearly you do, based on your posts here and on other message boards.

      if you want to make money buy and sell american airlines. when united was in bankruptcy i made good money on the weekly swings, same with wamu before they folded and aig before their reverse stock split. but i never ONCE posted false or misleading information in the hopes i could influence the direction of the moves. i don't know about you but going to jail doesn't sound like a fun thing, and you wont be going to honor farm, you'll be going where bubba cuddles you at night.

    • I guess your take is that GFS is one prefect company. I've never seen you post a single fault with them.

      Food for thought.

      If GFS was the end all company. Why oh why would oil services companies not be climbing all over themselves to buy the new generation of fraccing? After all it's up to shareholders, not mgmt, on whether or not GFS is sold. Hey $6 is a steal right.

      Why are operators not climbing all over themselves to sign long term contracts to lock up limited systems? Husky did. Increase in US revenues were from tire kickers only.

      The proof is in the share price. Mis-priced perhaps, but GFS is off more then 60% of it's 52 week high. Yet all is just rosy.

      I hope this turns out great for all holders. 36 years ago I bought my first stock of the conglomerate, Westinghouse. Since then I've learned a lot. I guess my due diligence of gFS is all wrong. Well you can't them all right.

    • what was my opinion and position is no longer that, it is based solidly on hard numbers and facts.

      there is no opinion at this point

    • SG&A is in line with the rest of the quarters, you post is a moot point

      which makes you a moot point. like i said trying to manipulate stock prices on message boards does not work and will get you thrown in jail. but by all means keep it up

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