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  • dagger452003 dagger452003 Oct 31, 2011 9:44 AM Flag

    Upton= Board Moron

    Nuff Said !

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    • Most people strive just for that so what is the problem in saying it? By the way I'm 67, married 46 years, two sons and 5 grand kids. Live long and prosper, but only if you want to.

    • Maybe if you didn't end your posts with "Live Long and Prosper" like some 30 year old virgin at a Star Trek convention, you'd get more respect.

    • Sorry John, but I didn't start this message on this board. All I'm trying to do is slap back some one who has slapped me first. I agree, we should be talking about MHR and not personalities and politics. There are a a lot of articulate people on this MB who stop posting because of this penis waving going on.Live long and prosper.

    • when they get to talking politics-- i just prefer to mute them as i have done upton- there is no need for it- this is a stock board, not a "i have a problem with the government/obama board." and i'm not on either side, i just personally dont want to hear it here. I mute BOTH the left and the right. Seems as if most of the those people dont bring anything to the MHR conversation to begin with!!
      I THINK we have a reserve report coming out IMMEDIATELY! Also i see a loss again of 2-3 cents per share--hope i'm surprised. Gone today for opening of deer season till Tuesday. Keep em buying. GLTA

    • Let's move on and get back to talking about energy and stocks. I'm sure there are plenty of political message boards out there where you can waste hours and days posting your political opinions.

    • Give them time Tom and the conservatives will take that away from you too. Fascism and ignorance are always hungry and need feeding. Live long and prosper.

    • Wow! I have refrained from saying anything about this political foolishness on a finance board - but I must say something to Upton. Like most all liberals, when you begin losing an argument, you revert to personal attacks that are difficult, if not impossible for someone to defend - like the old "do you still beat your wife" statement. Bringing up race or sex is old and tiresome just because someone disagrees with you and only used by those who are ignorant or incapable of defending their argument or who are willing to take the attacks by those who disagree. People like you are truely sad and must live a miserable life always looking for the evil intent in other's lives. Maybe, I just don't agree. And the last time I looked - at least for the moment - that was my right in this country.

    • OH! dagger is it something I said???? Just because I picked on your moronic presidential candidates in the republican party is no reason to get upset. Get upset when Obama is reelected for another 4 years and the do nothing republican house is voted out. The people will speak in the next election not corporate America.

      I see your front runner cain is doing well.............

    • Bleeding hart liberal who loves Obammy. That says even more.