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  • cincyyyyy cincyyyyy Dec 8, 2012 10:08 AM Flag


    On that same show G.E. stated that MHR was fully funded,that statement was a flatout lie! G.E. also agreed with Cramer that the oil/gas split was 50/50 when in fact those figure's was not true,closer to 40/60 appx.Later on in the next Q G.E. blamed a storm ? That storm only effected MHR no other company ? These presentation become less and less meaningful simply because what G.E. says on the positive side is never in an SEC form from Edgar or P.R. by MHR for all to see ? When is G.E. ever going to learn that a form from the SEC Fair Disclosure Act should be filed to make it a material event ?? I have stopped emailing IR they never have a response. The T.A. still gagged ?

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    • lies lies lies. He said he was they should be 50/50 soon. I believe they are close to 60/40 now so #$%$. And why would they respond to a person who is not interested in growing the company.
      Any person who actually think these basher above might be actually speaking the truth try to obtain an s&p report on this company. It shows consistant rev growth far better than most companies and almost everyone rating this company as a buy.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • G.E. didn't say that at all,He just agreed with Cramer's statement of 50/50 ."I believe they are close to 60/40" that statment doesn't cut it show the world these fact's in an SEC form ?The only liar's here is You and G.E. at the time of that interview the spilt was 37/63 to be presious,an the only reason that has changed today is Yes they have increased the oil product (is good) but they shut down the gas portion which drove up the % of the split.Rev growth is far better but it is not profit's !!! Ever hear of EPS ? And being fully funded was a lie,can't get around it no matter how you spin a lie is a lie".And why would they respond to a person who is not interested in growing the company." That is just a plain stupid statment ! It is not the shareholder's job to pump a stock on a message board like some do here, The CEO has that job by showing better result's by the company.So far G.E. hasn't been willing or able to do this with out taken monies from the share holder's pocket's .BTW you are history.

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