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  • j236 Sep 13, 2013 5:17 PM Flag

    Oh I travel around in a moter home and trade 150,000 shares while slamming margaritas.


    Fake, crock of bullschit, market maker shill, wannabe manipulator.

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    • Slab, Am back in Monterey, CA slamming Tequilla shooters w/ friends and figuring out how to work a new computer before returning to Costa Rica for my resident visa. Ducked out for a couple weeks and now we have more #$%$ roaches coming out of the drain pipes ? ......looks like we're on the move to the end of the year and into next doubles and triples if ya know what I mean & GRH look'n better.


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      • WB...hope you bought a Mac, not a Win8 PC. It seems people are switching away just because that Win8 is a monster. Hope you get that visa soon and after MHR does its thing you should be set up for good! I'm especially intrigued by GRH as the EPA continues to zap the producers, it seems things will only get better and better for GRH.

    • ht0629 Sep 13, 2013 9:54 PM Flag

      I don't much care for moter homes but I like them rita's! lol. One's opinion and one making a false or misleading statement as if it is a fact is where I draw the line. "Fake, crock of bullschit, market maker shill, wannabe manipulator." nowhere in this statement does it say it's j236's opinion nor are there any substantiating facts and very little chance of proving it one way or the other. Now that is the type of tactic many shorts will use. Make wild, false, misleading, unverifiable statements or use only bits and pieces of the whole story to spin the truth.

      MHR is still a speculative play. I have done my DD and I am confident that I will see double digits in 24 months or less. That's my opinion and my many post's here are all true and 100% of the story. Not just the parts that substantiate my point of view.

      I could state how long I have been in MHR or why I believe what I do. Still it all could be 100% truth or 100% #$%$. What I do know is that I am up over 40% in one of my account and right at 100% in another with a couple more in between. If j236 is short I suggest you cover ASAP. You should have done well over the past several months and that time has come and gone. Cover, go long and you will still make money in spite of having to cover those warrants. As far as libel or slader j236 you would be sued for libel.

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      • I understand, ht. But if you'd spend a little time with us under the tiki drinking those 'Ritas, I think you'd find a way to join in. It really is a great lifestyle. This may sound weird, but the first thing I do in the AM is hurry up and wait for the market to open so I can see what MHR is doing. Whether it's up or down, I don't let it affect my day....guess I'm fortunate in that regard. The 'ritas can wait 'till later!

    • Well, what can I say? Guess the truth hurts you? Guess I could go after you for slander, but I"m too busy traveling around, drinking margaritas. If you are in my area, please stop by and I'll give you a tour of this bus. Thanks for your interest, though.